Yes… I do like to make my titles interesting.. LOL.
Over the last several weeks, I’ve really felt lead to go to a more natural, and therefore healthier diet within our family. We don’t actually eat that bad in the first place, but we go through so many eggs… and they’re not cheap, so I decided to do what organising needed to be done in order to get our own chickens. Terry & the kids & I put some time into the yard, rearranging the kids play fort so as to also serve as a chicken coup (under it I mean.) So… this is what we ended up with.
After we were all prepared to receive our chickens.. we headed off excitedly to the local produce store to choose and bring home our chickens… Introducing Cherry, Ruby, Minty, Cookie & Blackie.
We spent a lot of time preparing their ‘outside’ area, with star pickets and chicken wire etc etc, only to be told that the chickens need to stay contained in their coup for 2wks, in corder to establish it as their ‘safe’ place. Oh well… at least the job is done now. We are considering altering it in order for the area to not share the boundary fence… just in case they decide to fly over the fence.
They had a great first night, and seem to like their new digs.. excuse the pun, seeing as they actually do like to dig.. LOL. All in all, HS day 140 included some Ag science work, after the kids normal subjects were completed. Next week will include a new outside chore for us, but I’ll keep you dangling in anticipation for that one. LOL
Today, we headed off to North Lakes to check out a new coffee shop that people had been raving about… well, it was a little disappointing, as there were nowhere near enough seating to accommodate a group where schoolbooks need to be spread out over the table etc. So, we walked straight back out, and headed for the Lakeside Cafe we’ve been to numerous times, and know it’s great for our needs.
The kids always love the different water animals that are in the lakes. Today it was just ducks & swans.. but normally there are eels… wwwwwww… and turtles, in the water. Schoolwork is certainly an easy task when sitting in this environment.

Ooh.. I almost forgot a very important thing that happened in our school day yesturday. Tyler-Jasmine had her first piano lesson… beginning what hopes to be an exciting journey towards becoming an accomplished pianist. We are super blessed to have a friend who is not only a great piano teacher, but can come to our house which of course suits us wonderfully seeing as I don’t drive.

OK.. I hope you are all having a fantastic day !!! The weather here is gorgeous today.. there are talk of thunderstorms today, but it’s hard to see where they’ll come from in the bluest of blue skies today.

Blessings peeps !! xx