Yuck Yuck Yuck.. Head cold go away… and no, don’t come back again another day !
The challenge of homeschooling 3 children while you’re sick is certainly not a fun one. Add to that the strange phenomenon that the children seem to arc up towards each other when I’m sick… or maybe it just seems that way?

But… in an optimistic tone… I say that I’m going to kick this thing to the kerb !! I dragged myself out of bed this morning and headed straight to the medicine cupboard and ‘enjoyed’ (NOT) a Panadol Lemsip MAX hot lemon drink… If the TV ad for it is accurate, I should be better by morning tea. LOL.

While the kids work in silent bliss.. and I listen to the ‘music for concentration’ youtube clip we’re listening to today, I am reminded of a great pic I took of my 13yr old and her BFF yesturday morning… It speaks to such freedom and joy.


It also brings to mind the following… The Joy of The Lord is my Strength !!!! So, even though I feel rather rubbish this morning.. I can soak in that knowledge.

Blessings peeps !!!