So, I scored a bargain the other day when, after deciding to buy a juicer.. I found one on Gumtree (like an online trading post) for $25… Yes, I said $25. It is currently on special at Harris Scarfe for $178. LOL. SCORE MUCH !!!!!

Anyway… so I googled some healthy juicing recipes and came up with the my first concoction.. as seen above. I loved it.. although I must say a little more sweetness would not have gone astray.. James loved it… Jaz wasn’t too fussed.. Jordan spat it out in the sink in a dramatic fashion.. and Terry did a similar thing.
Oh well… they’re loss… more for me & James.

As this recipe made two big glasses worth, plus a small plastic cup for James… I had one glass for arv tea yest, and then the second with breakfast this morning. I must say, I feel a bit gross knowing that I have eaten/drunk that amount of fruit/veg in the last 18hrs. I hope I don’t start to turn orange from all those carrots. LOL.

On another exciting note though.. my fruit & veg efforts are paying off though as I have already dropped 3kgs. woot woot !!! I haven’t even super ramped up the exercise yet.. which I plan to. I’ve just dropped the high carb items like white potato, bread & pasta.

However, I am not doing any diet or ‘light’ options. I’ve been reading quite a lot about how our body needs the fat in full cream milk & cheese etc.. as well as butter and other things. So, except for the odd Coke Zero.. I’m sticking to full fat options in most staple items. When it comes down to it.. it’s the sugar that is worse for your body to process.. not the fat in things.

OK… toodles for now.