Hi All… I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I blogged last !! How naughty of me.
Well, so much has happened in the last month or so.. We have just finished school holidays and had our first day back at school for term 4 today. Unfortunately it wasn’t a much needed ‘normal’ school day. James had a incident on the trampoline on Sunday, so we spend last night and then this morning at children’s ED with a suspected fractured cheekbone. Way to keep things interesting !!
Also, we had a dramatic change of events when, midway through the week before last, we had our gorgeous black lab Milo come back home to live with us after having lived with a dear friend for the last 3yrs. When we were building our house and didn’t have fences etc, we had to find a secure home for him. Milo came back to us in an unwell state due to arthritis and neck pain. I took him to the vet and got pain meds etc which did seem to help in the beginning, but after spending the weekend with him, he very sadly went downhill drastically on the Monday and could no longer walk at all. He was completely paralysed in his back legs. After originally suspecting her had a paralysis tick, that was rules out when he didn’t develop any further symptoms other than the paralysis.
We tried anti-inflammatory drugs, but by the Thursday night, we knew we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Milo put to sleep. He no longer had any control over his bowels or bladder.. and as he has always been such a gentleman, we felt it was so sad & cruel to keep him in such an undignified state.
After the heart wrenching trip to the vet last Friday at lunchtime, I put this tribute to Milo on Facebook…

Today, we very sadly farewelled our good old friend Milo, who lived a grand life of 13yrs (that’s 91yrs old in human years). He was the best and most loyal dog you could ever ask for. He always cared more about others than himself, right up to lunchtime today, when he was more worried about how upset I was, than the ‘green dream’ drip he was having put in. Milo will be so sadly missed, but we are grateful for this last week with him. Although it was really hard to watch him in so much discomfort, the extra care he needed gave us loads of quality times & cuddles with this absolutely beautiful dog. I honeslty think he had the softest ears of any dog EVER. He went peacefully and took it like the gentleman he always was. The angels in heaven gained a loyal friend today. We love you Milo, and you will never be forgotten !!

Friday night, we headed out to Eat Street Markets to help keep us completely distracted from what happened that day. It was a great night, although quite crowded.

The weekend was quite busy (great for still needed distraction) with two birthday parties and a visit to meet our gorgeous new cousin Lachlan.
Add an early birthday dinner with my absolute BFFs, followed by a day spend with some of said BFFS, and I got through the sad time quite well. James’ trampoline injury was disappointing, but he has received the all clear now, so this is good.
I hope you all are doing great and haven’t missed me too much. Bahahahahaha.
Blessings in abundance !!!!! 1 Chronicles 4:10.