The title comes from a txt message from my Pastor yesturday. She sent me a txt telling me to ‘hang in there’.. I replied with ‘Hangin’ like a monkey’.. to which she replied ‘ ok then, well remember to only scratch with one hand at a time then.’:0) She is very aware that I am doing it a bit tough right now while in full on intensive prayer campaign for my husband’s heart. The txt did give me a much needed giggle though, so this is GOOD !!
I knew that this would be a hard road and the fiery darts would come thick & fast, but man, have we been hit in the last few weeks. The kids are & I have all been under physical attack like never before.. joint pain and discomfort, injuries and loads of headaches, sinus and eye issues. It’s easy to think it’s all a coincidence, but I know it isn’t… the enemy doesn’t want me succeeding in my mission.
Well, I’ve got news for him… coz the battle is ALREADY WON !! Now it’s just my DH that needs to realise it’s already won. LOL.
I am clinging to several verses of late, but mostly Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding !! That’s the biggie here.. If I lean on my own understanding, I’ll get discouraged and likely give up… but because I know that we see but a mere reflection of how God sees things, I am greatly Encouraged !!
I also LOVE to remind myself of the armour that I wear… The belt of Truth, breastplate of righteousness, the sandals of Peace, the shield of Faiih, The helmet of salvation.. and the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT !! (Ephesians 6:10-18). Also, let’s face it… it’s pretty cool the idea of wearing the armour… a bit Zena warrior princess-ish…. ok.. I”m getting off track here. LOL.

This my BEST FRIEND’S heart I’m going after here, so I’ve taken my stand… and I’m going to STAND !! I’m not going to give up.. I refuse to be discouraged… and I’m TRUSTING that God will provide me with the patience and perseverance in the tough times to get through to the finish line. It does make me excited that the enemy is sending so many fiery darts our way… coz he wouldn’t be bothering unless Terry was to be a POWERFUL force in the Kingdom of God !!
Exciting times ahead peeps !!!