Christmas is only 29 days away !!! Woot Woot !!

The kids are getting more and more excited…. consequently finding it harder and harder to knuckle down to finishing off work for the year. They are sooooo close, so it’s frustrating when the motivation isn’t there to get it wrapped up.

Yesturday we had our school breakup party at Splash… a waterpark with watersides and fun pools etc etc. The 36 kids from our school had a fantastic time. Lots of laughter, water swallowed, jumping on lillypads, chlorine stinging eyes.. and all that other fun stuff. LOL.


One of the most memorable parts of the day for me was after we’d arrived, put on our wrist bands, had our safety talk… our teacher took us through a devotion on how special we are. Now, seriously, where else would you get that in a school setup? It was so great !! We may not have these same teachers next year, due to some frustrating school politics etc, so it was great to have this (possibly) last devotion time lead by our teacher, Paul. I have been so impressed this year by the way he brings biblical principles into every activity we have had in 2014. After the devotion, Paul prayed.. thanking The Lord for 6yrs of accident free times together… and that continued yesturday right to the end of our break up day…. not a single incident. God is so good !!!

A HUGE blessing to come out of this school year, other than the fantastic curriculum, is the friendships that have been made through our coming into the group of lovely families in Unit 4. Both as parents and children, we have made, what will be, lifelong friendships. These friendships are a huge blessing due to the fact that they are likeminded, Godly people. As parents, we are able to openly discuss how we are attempting to bring up our children using biblical discipline, ideals & concepts. Also, the kids are able to chat about their struggles, trying to live IN THE WORLD, but not of the world !! It’s a hard slog, when you’re up against today’s song lyrics, advertisements, magazines, books & movies etc. However, they are also able to share their triumphs as well… having been able to speak into the lives of an unbelieving friend etc.

I am so thankful for the year that we have had. Even with some uncertainty ahead to do with our ability to homeschool as we would like etc, we have the assurance that we serve a God who is in control of all things !!

Blessings Peeps !!!