Hiya peeps !!!
I can’t believe that had I waited until t’row, it would’ve been TWO MONTHS with no blogging.. How uncommitted of me.
BUT.. can’t change that.. so let’s move on…
It’s 2015 !! WHAT THE ?? How did THAT happen ? Well, the normal way I guess. LOL.

In 3 sleeps, we’ll dive into our 2nd year as a homeschooling family !! WOW, that’s all I can say.. WOW!!!
I made it.. I actually made it through one entire year.. with pleasing results.. and an even deeper passion to continue to educate my children in this way. While I’ll always give them the option, I hope to never have my children in mainstream school again.
All 3 have grown in so many positive ways since we began this journey, and we’re not looking back.. Onward and upward. :0) (actually.. always upward… looking to Christ.. AT ALL TIMES !!)

An interesting development for us is that we are off on an exciting adventure in just under 7wks… We’re off to explore outback Australia… Yes, we’ve all lived here our entire lives, but have never been to the red centre. We’re taking 3wks, hiring a motorhome, and planning on having a BLAST !!! Much blogging will occur, I’m sure.

Also, what’s been on our hearts a lot is the current political climate, concern of terrorism, etc etc. BUT, we know that with God, ALL things are possible… and we need to continue to TRUST in HIM and not lean on our own understanding !! Man, if we lent on our own understanding with these current terror threats, we’d go bonkers. Logically.. it looks hopeless, but with GOD… we KNOW He has a plan, and He knows the outcome.. and it’s for our GOOD !!!

OK peeps.. I hope you are all well.
Blessings in abundance xox