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February 2015

Woot woot !!! I’m tech-savy !!

I'm so excited to tell you all that I am blogging from my mobile !! How exciting that I'm going to be able to blog, with pics, during our trip. 😊 Such excitement !! Lol 💜

HS Day 220 – A huge amount achieved in one day !!! :0)

Hi all !!! Today has been such a productive, tiring, stressful, jam--packed day.... and we never even left the house. LOL. Much excitement to share from today's efforts. The first one is that the workbook that I have been spending... Continue Reading →

HS Day 214 – Maths tests early + eating out after !!

We're just wrapping up our 2nd school week t'row and it's been great so far. Well, except for a minor stuff up with my curriculum order...whoops-a-daisy.... but that'll be rectified early next week. I'm sure you won't be surprised to... Continue Reading →

Can’t sleep :0(

</a Needing this reminder & encouragement tonight, when I'm kept awake 'worrying' about things that are so obviously arrows coming in from the enemy. I KNOW I have nothing to fear... not the terror of the night, nor the arrows... Continue Reading →

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