Hi all… It’s Tuesday morning, but feels like a Monday because we had swimming carnival yesturday, so this is our first ‘schoolwork’ day.

Much has happened since I last posted….some really great.. some not so much. First of all though, we’ve been lucky enough to have my Dad stay with us for the last week. He went home last night once my Mum arrived home from her break, so we are missing him this morning. My Dad is in end stage Parkinsons disease, so requires a lot of care, but it’s seriously not a chore to do it, as he’s so great to be around. Yes, he’s REALLY hard to understand at times, and sometimes stubborn about things, but all in all, he’s still a great source of knowledge for us. He is also a great role model for all of us, showing great dignity even at times that maybe he doesn’t feel quite so dignified. We are definitely blessed beyond measure to have him in our lives.

The 2nd half of our week last week, however, went a little haywire when Master 12 decided he’d pick up a snake in our backyard. Here is the culprit
11015066_10153150110444540_5144451135583396276_n Looks cute don’t you think? Well, he was.. until he bit my son. Then I didn’t like him so much.

You tend to not like something so much when it creates THIS result.

The paramedics bandaged his arm a little too tight, so unfortunately, after our lights & sirens dash to the children’s hospital, he had no pulse in that arm.. plus it was dark purple… & in ALOT of pain !!! Momma Bear was not at all happy !! Thankfully though, Pappa Bear was in walking distance to the children’s hospital and was standing right there with a ready hug when I stepped out of the ambulance. Most awesome sight I’d seen all morning. :0)

We did think it was a tree snake to begin with, but once I got a closer look, I knew it wasn’t. Too late then though. Thank The Lord, the Yellow faced whip snake is only mildly venomous, but their bite causes great pain, swelling, headaches… and 6hrly blood tests in hospital to make sure the venom doesn’t spread beyond the site area. (which it didn’t).
We spent a night in hospital and then were able to be collected by DH (on his b’day of all days) to head off on a previously planned adventure. Master Snake bitten son was weak and pale, but did ok for the day.
Here is one of the sights we found on our adventure.

A few things were highlighted by this whole experience… the most obvious being that God is there for us ALL the time and answers not just the very moment you pray, but even before you’ve finished the sentence. (after all, He did know the snake bite was going to happen anyway. LOL) I knew that I was calling out to God while we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive, during the ambulance trip, in emergency etc etc, but I was to learn later that Jordan was doing the same… at all those same times. How awesome that God is his first go-to also.

So…. lesson to be learnt from all this….. if you see a snake… move away from it… even if it looks nice and friendly and harmless.. coz the likelihood is that it isn’t. Thank the Lord for our dedicated paramedics, doctors, nurses and hospital staff who all had a part in bringing Jordan through this.

Blessings Peeps. xox