It’s getting real now…. buying the last few things required, the bags are half packed, pet-sitters organised, housesitter booked, nearly good to go. I seriously can’t believe (& DH seriously has no idea. LOL) just how much planning has gone into this trip. I’m still working on things… getting prices, booking & paying for things. It’s actually quite tricky, as even though we have an itinerary, it’s seems risky to book and PAY for tours when you don’t know if something could hold us up, or somewhere might be particularly boring, so we end up ahead of time.. who knows.
I spent nearly all of yesturday, except for the Orthodontist and Optometrist appointments, working out exactly how much money we need for the trip. A daunting task really… not because it highlights how much you’re going to spend (coz let’s face it, we’re gonna spend it, so why stress about it.), but for someone like me, who likes to plan,make lists, itineraries etc etc… You start to think.. what if this doesn’t work? Sooooooooo.. what I have decided to TRY and do is let it all go….. have the itinerary, but just treat it as a guide, and not lose it if it’s not stuck to. Wish me luck with that. LOL.
One thing that we would LOVE to do, but most likely won’t, is a helicopter ride over either Kakadu or Katherine gorge. It’ll cost about $500 min for only a really short flight, so It’s just so hard to hand that kinda cash over for such a quick adventure. However, we did pay more than that and did it in New Zealand, and it seriously was one of the BEST experiences EVER !!! There is a particular flight in Katherine that takes you up 13 gorges and then you land for a quick photo op etc. I would so LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that one, but it would cost about $1250 to do it. If you end up seeing it in the blog… we musta felt rich that day.. Bahahahahaha.
I have a few nit-picky things to find out today.. like, what is provided in the motorhome, linen ? etc etc.
Plus, something I have only just remembered… Master 9 will become Master 10 halfway through our trip. (Just another thing to think about is that his birthday party is THIS Sunday morning and I haven’t hardly planned anything.. except for the jumping castle.) I will need to think about a plan for that morning, so he can still have the ‘normal birthday morning’ that we would have at home… Presents in bed, loads of photos etc etc etc.
OKies… Have a blessed day peeps !!
Lv Fi xox