Welcome to Monday morning… Only three sleeps to go until our trip, but Yesturday was the big event that I had to survive first before I could relax and look forward to our getaway.
Master 9 became Master 10 (well, technically not, as his b’day is in a couple of weeks). The party was loud, tiring, funny.. and AWESOME !!!
Seriously, jumping castles are the BEST idea for kids b’day parties.. between that and the pool, all I did was provide food & drink, and all 26 kids were happy as Larry for 4 hours !!! BOOM !!!!
Master 10 (ish) said it was “the best birthday party ever!!!”, so I think we did a good job. :0)
I haven’t even sourced a birthday pressies for him yet…. whoops. I was kinda thinking he’d get it while we’re away. However, now that he received so many presents yesterday, I’m really not stressing about it too much. He was a lucky kid, that’s for sure.
I mostly love our kids birthday parties as it brings all those nearest & dearest to us into our home. (except when they can’t make it of course.) Family & closest friends. We have always had family friends with kids of similar age, so it’s quite common to end up as the family’s being friends as a whole. I really believe it’s one of the best blessings God gave us….. friends as family units.. just LOVE it !! I’ll certainly miss them while we’re away.
Another thing I love about my kids birthday parties, or just their birthdays in general, is that is really brings home to me God’s blessings and provisions in the life of our family. We are blessed in abundance without a doubt !! I mean, we didn’t even need to try with any of our children.. God just gave them to us in HIS timing. Don’t get me wrong, when I found out I was pregnant when I had a 4 month old baby, I probably did question his timing.. LOL.. but other than that, He has just grown our family according to His plan.. and it’s awesome !! I have so many friends who went through infertility struggles to have the family that they now have, and these families also highlight to me how blessed we were to be given our children with no problems. Well, both our boys were born with congenital cataracts, so I guess it wasn’t ALL smooth sailing, but God has provided what we needed in those areas too. A great eye specialist who has seen our boys since the day they were born…. literally THE DAY they were born. Great optometrists that manage their contact lenses etc.
His provisions are amazing… every time !!
Anyway.. enough of my waffle…..
Blessings for this beautiful (although rather hot) Monday peeps !!!