Well,. after months & months of planning.. we’re finally here.. in the City of Churches (well, apparently. . I only saw 2 today).

Our 3.55am wake up was harsh I tell you. .. harsh !! The sunrise at the airport did make it worth it though. Our flight was rather uneventful… Terry enjoyed the upgrade to Exit row seating.

On arriving in Adelaide, our first stop was picking up our hire car. Terry happily comes out saying that we’d be given a free upgrade. . When I asked what it was, he says “A Mitsubishi Colt.”. Bahahahahaha .

It was actually a Toyota Kluger. Not a bad ride, but we still prefer our Prado any day of the week.

After checking intoour accommodation just long enough to drop off luggage and havea power nap, we made our way to Glenelg Beach. It’s poorly signed,  but the hot tourist tip is that it is a ‘pay & display’ parking setup… $48 fine later… we’ve learnt our lesson… READ SIGNS MORE CAREFULLY !!

We found this cool ‘pirate’ ship that used to be a restaurant,. as well as an old tram.. the kids loved it !!

Checking out the marina is always fun… imaginary boat shopping.

It was 1.30pm by this stage and we were ready to eat.  (It was ‘Dunch’ or ‘Linner’ time). We had lots of choice for lunch soots but we ended up at a burger place that had THE BEST lamb burgers we have ever had. There are a LOT.. and I mean a LOT of ice-cream choices in Glenelg.  We had fun torturing the kids by not getting any.. and buying a 4ltr tub at woolies on the way back.  Lol.

The beach at Glenelg looked gorgeous.. but apparently there are sharks there. . Whoops.

By this time,  both our phones had died, so we had to follow our noses to Mt Lofty.  It was a really great spot. Got some fantastic shots on the Pentax … you’ll have to wait to see those though. Finding our way back ‘home’ was trickier, but we made it in the end, thanks to James spotting a camping sign. (Go James !!)

I’m pretty proud of myself for throwing together marinated chicken kebabs and mashed sweet potato for dinner.

Our plans for trow are SUPER DOOPER EXCITING… and no, I’m not exaggerating  !!

You’ll all just  to die in anticipation waiting.  Lol.

Ok.. Blessings in abundance peeps !! xox