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All I can say is… what an awesome day !! (& what an awesome Hubby I have,  willing to do such a girlie tour.)

So…. today, after a great nights sleep snuggled under the doona in the cold temps, we rose with enough time for brekky & then head off on the hour drive to meet our tour guide at Gawler, SA. (Ps.. the traffic in Adelaide is crazy between 8 & 9am.. go figure.)

Our tour guide, Dal, was fantastic. She had a great knowledge of the show,  the cast, locations etc etc.

After a few location spots, our first stop was ‘Wilgul’.  This was a great location as the owners (who have been there for generations) are BIG McLeods fans and have acumulated quite a collection of show memorabilia.

It was also really interesting to find out that so many of the scenes weren’t filmed where you thought they were. Wilgul actually had several of the locations on it.. the Killarnet garden was actually at Wilgul… I never would have thought that one. Also the room where Kate temporarily lived as the Konsella’s overseer.. plus a few more. 

We got some amazeballs shots on the ‘Killarnet’ steps but they were on my Pentax, so unfortunately I can’t show them to you yet. I actually took LOADS of fantastic shots today on the Pentax… I can’t wait to see them on a bigger screen !!

I was seriously singing “Wake up Gungellan.. it’s a beautiful, beautiful day” in my head the whole time… bahahahaha

It was slightly disappointing with some of the things the new owner has done with the place…. like demolishing the shearers quarters….Seriously, how could he?? He apparently only is just now working out that most of his patronage comes from McLeods fans… For those that don’t know, Drovers Run (actually called Kingsford Homestead) is a luxury b & b. ($1000 per night). The inside of the house is barely recognisable to what we saw in the show.

The kids actually really enjoyed the tour, although Master 9 did ask if Clare would be there. Lol.

Sorry for the photo overload, but there’s just so many good ones.

Fascinating fact #1 – Rachel (Jodie) & Mikayla (Kate) actually did houseshare in a house at Gawler during their years together on McLeods. Actually, nearly all the cast members lived in Gawler during their time on the show.

Fascinating fact #2 – The residents of Freeling (Gungellan) didn’t embrace the show at all and to this day think the interest in it is silly. As our your guide said,.McLeods Daughters is a show every Australian should be proud of… and I agree with her.

Fascinating fact #3 – 75% of tour patrons are from Germany or Holland, and 90% of those fell in love with, and then traveled to, Australia because of McLeods Daughters.

Fascinating fact #4 – Killaney is owned by a grumpy old man,.just like Harry Ryan. Lol.

There is a big wedding on at Drovers trow,  so there was lots of activity going on….you might spot a marquee in the background which sits where the tennis court was… another thing the new owner got rid of.

If you think the windmill & bath tub look weird it’s because they now sit in the middle of a park in Freeling.

Anyway. .. i could go on forever, but I’ll calm down and send this off to you all and head to bed… another big day coming trow.

Blessings peeps xox