RT Day 3 07

Ok… so apparently it only wants to show my pics in reverse. . So you have to hear about the day in reverse. . Lol. This is Master 9 & 12 with their cousins who they haven’t seen since 2007. They were pretty meh about the whole cousin get together thing when they were told it was that we were doing with our evening, but after this dinner… they now LOVE these cousins. LOL.  They share our boys love of Marvel,.so that really clinched the deal. 😊

RT Day 3 04 This pic is the kids & I killing time while DH went for a 45min training flight in a Cesna 172 with my cousin who is a flight instructor here in Adelaide. They ended up being up there for 1.1hrs … I guess coz they were having so much fun. ✈

RT Day 3 06This pic is out of place but it’s Master 12’s dinner at Montezumas. You would think he wouldn’t have finished it.. but for those that know him, you won’t be surprised they he did with no hassles. 🍜

Prior to dinner and flying,  we spent the morning getting the bus into the city for a look around.  It was a fun time,  but we did learn a valuable lesson. .. don’t let a 10yr boy carry the backpack that has the keys for your accommodation in it… coz said 10yr old may leave it on the bus when you get off. Whoops !!! Many phonecalls later,  we had to kiss the bag and it’s contents behind (it only had drink bottles & museli bars in it other than the keys) and leave it for the friendly tourist park people to collect it on Monday morning.  Argghhhh !!!

RT Day 3 02RT day 3 01All in all… a great,  if not dramatic day.

Blessings Peeps. xox