RT Day 4 07RT Day 4 01Today began as a cool ‘Scarf needed’ day, but seeing as the temp for the dayat our destination of Woomera was to be 30 degrees, we braved the cool in our shorts. We really didn’t need to do that seeing as we didn’t reach Woomera until after 7pm, when the heat of the day was gone.

DH & Master 12 went of yup drop off our hire car and pick up our motorhome. Β This ended up taking nearly 3hrs, so the rest of us spent that time packing up and relaxing on the verandah, collecting leaves, reading and drawing on tree trunks.

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Once in Molly the Motorhome, Β we headed off on the first leg of our mammoth journey. Not a huge amount of interest on the way except for the salt lakes.. they were pretty cool. Β We also chased the Ghan a lot of the way and was able to capture the great shot at the top when arriving at Woomera. Funny thing was, nearly ALL the passengers waved at us. Ha ha !!

After a delicious dinner of meat pies, we headed to bed for what was a very good night’s sleep. 🌚