RT Day 5 01

Soooooo… today began as it should. .  tickle time with Dad.  After spending considerable time working out what sleeping arrangements would work best, we settled in for a good night’s sleep. After thinking it would be pretty sticky hot.. it actually wasn’t too bad.

Getting up at a very reasonable holiday wake time of 8.15, we had brekky and then headed out to check out the town of Woomera.  Let’s just say it’s a ghost town.  I’m sure it was a bustling defence township in the 60s & 70s when a lot of government rocket testing went on etc, but now,  it’s just street after street of empty houses… quite eerie really.

RT Day 5 03RT Day 5 02RT Day 5 06Before hitting the gold old Stuart Highway, we filled up at the trusty Spuds Roadhouse… to find the same old bloke reading ‘the articles’ of a girlie picture magazine. .. lol. Let’s just say I was glad the kids didn’t come in. I can only imagine the questions I would have been hit with.

RT Day 5 05

On pulling up at rest stop at this Salt Lake,.we decided to walk down to it.  Only thing was that as we walked toward it.. it seemed to move away.  Seriously. .. it actually happened like that.   Eventually Terry stopped and said ” I actually think it’s about 10kms there and back.”  Seeing as it was ramping up to 38degrees, we made the wise decision to turn back.

There wasn’t a lot to see on our travels today except for a whole lot of nothing. …  oh, and roadkill… lots of roadkill.  As we neared Cooper Pedy, we started to see some interesting mining equipment etc.

Terry also loved it when we travelled the part of the Stuart Highway that serves as the runway for The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

What seemed like a VERY long 3+hrs later,  we arrived at Coober Pedy to a steamy 42 degrees. It was disgusting. .. with a lovely hot wind/breeze to ‘cool you down’.

After being on the phone throughput the day with Apollo Motorhomes in regards to the AC not working (in the actual motorhome part, the car AC works fine.) we went straight to the mechanics who was to fix it b4 our nice warm night in CP.  The mechanic tells us that we need a normal electrician, .not an auto electrician arggghhh !!! We told you guys that in the first place.

So, after leaving the car running for over an hour, an electrician rocks up to say he’s finished for the day and will come in the morning. . WHAT THE ??? Can you feel the heat buddy???? After a strongly worded (but polite) phonecall to Apollo, we are presently in a beautifully AC’d Villa for the night … fully paid for by Apollo.
RT Day 5 08 RT Day 5 07The rewards for the stressful arvo… a gorgeous sunset… and an ice cold swim.

There were other people in the pool when the kids got in.. but they soon got out… no idea why.. bahahahahaha.

Heading to bed now for what hopes to bea nice cool sleep.  Exciting adventures to come trow.

Blessings Peeps xox