RT Day 8 01RT Day 8 027am saw us back out at the rock, after a ‘fabulous’ nights sleep.. NOT, to do the climb.  Let’s just say DH was a tad disappointed when we arrived to find a ‘climb closed due to forecasted rain’ sign over the climb entrance.  The ‘rain’ forecast was onlya 5% chance and was to be less than 1mm.  You would naturally think their caution is overkill.. but apparently Uluru is extremely slippery with only a small amount of rain on it.

The temp for the day was to be 42 degrees,.so the walk would have closed at 8am anywsy.

RT Day 8 03

After having a small explore around the back of Uluru, we headed off to The Olgas. Everything in central Australia is further away than you imagine. I always thought Uluru & The Olgas were only minutes apart, but this next pic is Uluru from the Sunset viewing platform for The Olgas.  A little further than I thought. RT Day 8 04RT Day 8 05RT Day 8 06This shot is taken in Valley of the Winds… quite a steep rocky climb up, and then down intoan almost full crevice in the rocks.  An interesting thing here was that there were a gazillion million (no I’m not exaggerating) zebra finches.  We have Zebras at home,  so recognising their calls straight away. Absolutely amazing to see an entire wall of them flying though..

Following this,.the kids & I watched a movie in the comfort of Molly while DH did a 2hr ‘experienced’ hike.

When DH returned,  we decided to go back and do a final lap around Uluru before rolling out of town.  The 3.5 hr drive out to Kings Canyon was a tad boring, but when we arrived,  it was seriously an Oasis in the dessert. No phone coverage, no Internet,  LOTS of Aboriginies milling about.

Once again, .the motorhome company put us up for the night.  The resort room was very nice. We had dinner at the resort bistro which was lovely. It was sooooo good to eat sitting at a table,.with cuttlery, eating a meal I didn’t have to prepare. It was quite surreal as it was quite fancy inside, but a desert when you stepped outside.

Back to our room for a movie anda great nights sleep.

T’row… adventure awaits !!

Blessings peeps !! xox