RT day 10 01

Today our Master 9 became Master 10… for real this time !! Funny story about it as DH & I had decided that due to my knee/ankle pain, it would be better if I didn’t go the planned ridge walk at the Canyon this morning,  and instead I’d take James for a helicopter ride over the canyon while DH and the older 2 did the walk. Our hope was that we could plan it so as to see each other etc. Anyways, we ended up deciding against as DH didn’t think the walk was going to be that interesting, plus we had a decent drive ahead of us to get to Alice Springs. BUT, before we’d decided this, we told James he’d be going on a helicopter ride as his birthday present (he had requested a packet of mentos. Lol). So, when we told him about the helicopter ride, his reaction was as follows… straight face “ok, I guess I could do that.”… followed immediately by a HUGE expectant smile and him saying “But I still hey the mentos right? “. DH & I barely held out together. I then told Master 10 that he could in fact have TWO packets of mentos !! You should have seen how big his eyes got with excitement  !! So cute !! RT Day 10 02

On the road we got to head to Alice Springs and hopefully arrive there in time for the motorhome people to give us a replacement Molly.

Once again,  we saw groups of wild brumbys on our way out of Kings Canyon. Such gorgeous animals !! We also stopped on to the camels on the off-chance Miss 13 could get a picture with one at least.  They at recently had their brekky given to them, so they weren’t interested in coming over to us at all. Also, by the looks of one of the camels and how she was behaving.. she was soy to deliver her bubba. RT Day 10 03 RT Day 10 04

We finally found a roadhouse that sold Mentos… plus he got a packet of Freckles too.

This pic below is the kids view when we are travelling.

RT Day 10 05 RT Day 10 06

We arrived safely in Alice… went to Apollo & waa-lah… we finally have a new Molly…. and the funny thing is… it wasn’t that hot and we didn’t even use it that night. Lol !! (Don’t tell Apollo though. )RT Day 10 07

DH & Master 12 having a good ole yarn while I make dinner. RT Day 10 08

Dinner & a movie. Ha ha !! RT Day 10 11

Of course cake was organised, but were all too full to have any. . Lol. I must have made a good dinner. 😊

Surprise Surprise.. more adventure awaits trow.

Blessings Peeps xox