RT Day 9 01

Man, my kiddos are good looking right !! Lol.  Anyway.. back to our adventures

After a great nights sleep, we headed off to do the Kings Canyon creek, or base, walk.

Some amazing scenery, rock formations, and animals to be seen..RT Day 9 02 RT Day 9 03 RT Day 9 04 RT Day 9 05 RT Day 9 06

Sadly,.there is a negative to today, as my suckful legally blind state (which I don’t like mentioning as it messes with my ‘fake it ’til ya make it’ mantra. …. so after this blog series,  please forget I ever mentioned it.) is effecting my ability to fully enjoy our adventures. Not to sound like I’m 100yrs old,  but I have really rubbish ankles & knees due to my silly lack of depth perception. 38.5yrs of misjudging stair heights and different level of things has left me with injuries from sprained ankles and hyper extended knees. (Whoops). Anyway, I already had a bursitis in my knee from a few misjudged stairs a couple of months ago, before we even came on our trip, so it’s not surprising that all this hiking and rock climbing has agrivated it bigtime. Surficet to say…. I’m hiking around stinking of deep heat.  Lol.

The reason I dislike this unpleasant side effect of my eyesight though is that it slows everyone down. DH has to told my hand and tell me what rocks to go to next and whether they are flat, angled forward/backwards/left/right etc.  The part I don’t like is that it means that neither of the parents can be watching the kiddos ock jumping (not that they ever seem to have any issues.)

So…. if you feel inclined,  I’d love some prayer in this area, as we do still have some decent hiking locations to hit yet, and my joints are not handling the situation well. I think we should buy shares in Northern Territory ibuprofen. Lol..RT Day 9 07

Back to the interesting stuff… in this shot above, we have stumbled across this pond by accident because we saw some other hikers head down there.  It was amazing… literally hundreds,  if not thousands of tree frogs.. all about the size of an adult thumbnail.  It was also a very peaceful spot so we didn’t about half an hour down there before taking the climb back.  RT Day 9 08

After getting back to our room, we all hit the pool, which was a fantastic change to 2 days prior in the crowded Ayres Rock Resort pool. This time we had the entire pool to ourselves !!

The kids were able to be noisy, splash, bomb dive… basically just be kids.

I had put on a load of washing prior to heading out on the hike, so we hung that out on every conceivable surface/hook/rail in our room.  It actually worked great and it was all dry in a couple of hours. RT Day 9 10

This pic here is what you see when you open our front door. Not bad right !

One disappointment for the day was that Miss 13 had been hanging out to ride a camel, but when we enquired,  it seems that it’s baby camel delivery time. So, the camels are either heavily pregnant or have just had a baby. Either way, the current high temps are too much for them. We hope to findher a camel ride somewhere else on our ttip. 😊

After the lovely (but expensive) dinner at the bistro the previous night, we decided to go with a slightly more economical option and cook our dinner at the camp kitchen. It was a delicious dinner of sausages, bacon and eggs on toast.

Following a couple of good movies conviniently on the tv that night, we hit the hay.. coz guess what. . More adventures trow.

Blessings peeps ! xox