RT Day 11 01

Today began with a pancake breakfast put on by the holiday park each Sunday morning.  It was pretty delish… and great to not have to prepare or clean up after brekky. RT Day 11 02

Our first stop in our day of adventures was Simpsons Gap. DH came here late last year when he came to the Territory for work. It was pretty spectacular.  There were some fairly worrying overhanging rocks though.

RT Day 11 03 RT Day 11 05

It would have been so cool to be able to swim and explore around that corner, but swimming wasn’t permitted.  We think there was some blue/green algi in there, so probably a good idea.

Our next stop was Standley Chasm which wasn’t the best walk for me as it was basically waking along a very rocky dry riverbed.  I managed to do the riverbed walk in it’s entirety,  but Miss 13 & I returned to the coffee shop for an overcame while DH & the boys did the more difficult climb to the top.

This awesome tree trunk was along the way… don’t you think it looks like a giant Serpent?? I did. . Just a little freaky.

RT Day 11 06 RT Day 11 08

I absolutely LOVE these neat two pictures of Master 12 & DH squeezing themselves intoa natural crack in the rock. RT Day 11 09 RT Day 11 10

After Standley Chasm, we planned on going to a third spot which DH had heard was very good. Unfortunately though,  we missed a turn and ended up driving for hours to what seemed like nowhere. Eventually though, we reached a little, and I mean little, prodominantly indigenous town, where surprisingly, there was AMAZEBALLS phone coverage.  Lol.

We headed back for another movie while eating dinner… a quite delicious beef stir-fry I whipped up.

An early night was in order as we have a BIG driving day ahead of us trow.

Until then Peeps !! Blessings xox