RT Day 12 01

Monday dawned and we got up ready for a mammoth day of driving. Our destination was Tennant Creek, 500kms away.

Our first stop for the morning was the Alice Springs  telegraph station, which sits on the Todd River.  The river is dry at the moment. It would be great to see it flowing.

RT Day 12 02 RT Day 12 06

A VERY old petrol bowser.

The drive required toilet & petrol stops … some good spots… and some not so much. Barrow Creek was one of those places… I jokingly said on Facebook that I suspect we all got hepatitis while we were there… but seriously,  the hygiene standard was non existent. Let’s just say I was glad to roll out of that place.

RT Day 12 05

DH would have quite enjoyed the 130 (& sometimes open) speed limits if we weren’t driving this huge truck motorhome. Last time he was here in the Territory, he was driving an SV6 and enjoyed travelling the highway at 180kms per hour.

RT Day 12 08

Devils Marbles was a spot that DH visited when he was here for work and he was keen for us to see it too. RT Day 12 09

The kids absolutely loved climbing and exploring the rock formations. Personally, I couldn’t help but think of how many snakes lived in amongst those rocks. Ewww

RT day 12 12

Some of the rocks seemed to be only just balancing. RT Day 12 13

We love counting the Road trains and enjoyed some faster speeds riding the slipstream of this baby. RT Day 12 15Once we were settled into the caravan park, the boys enjoyed a swim while Miss 13 had a shower, & DH had a power nap.

We went to the RSL for dinner. DH ate here nearly every night for the 12 days he was in Tennant creek for work. The meals were delicious (& huge) but the biggest benefit for me, after sitting in the car for 6+hrs, was that I didn’t have to make it. Lol.

Ok peeps…more driving awaits us trow.. our longest drive day of the trip actually.

Until then.  Blessings !! xox