RT Day 13 01

Tuesday dawned and we headed off early as we had our biggest driving day ahead of us.

Before leaving town we went to the old mine museum.  It had some really cool items on display. It’s amazing the equipment they used all those years ago. They came up with what would have been at the time, an amazing piece of labour saving tool/machinery, but compared to what they would use today,  it’s almost ridiculous as the bucket sizes in these things were smaller than the average backyard wheelbarrow.

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I thought these old trucks were particularly cool… so much character.

Our next stop.on the way out of town was the Tennant Creek Telegraph Station. This one was far better than the one at Alice Springs as it was unmanned with everything open and accessible to view/explore. There were two particularly interesting stone buildings .. one was the food storage and the other was the smokehouse, for meat etc . DH & the kids are standing down in the smokehouse in this next pic. There’s a good 7 or so steps down under ground level.

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Master 12 was very interested in this next stone building as it once was the Blacksmiths hut. As this is Master 12s preferred future job, he soaked up every bit of it, including reading the info and pacing out the size to store away for future reference.

RT Day 13 0720150324_084615

This is me standing outside the smokehouse.

RT Day 13 12

Many, many kms later, we arrived at the apparently ‘famous’ Daly Waters Pub. From my point of view, the only thing it should be famous for is being rundown & gross, and that their toilets fall under the ‘I may get hepatitis’ standard.  However, due to these low toilet standards,  I will have fantastic thighs after perfecting ‘the hover’. Bahahahahaha

After having been at Daly Waters, I am now especially that our plans changedso as to not be staying overnight there.. (Princess much, I know.)

Not far past Daly Waters we had a fuel stop where 8-10 peacocks came over to checkout us & our camper. Of course I only wanted to photograph the males, as the females just look like ugly turkeys.

RT Day 13 11

We rolled into our destination, Mataranka, at about 5pm. All I can say is. .. It certainly held up to all the hype.  I would summarise it as an oasis/rainforest with a little bit of outback thrown in.  (Still the need to hover.. lol)

After setting up our camper, which awesomely takes under 5mins, we headed to the thermal pools.  All I can say is WOW !! It was like walking into a picture perfect postcard.. plus it was drizzling rain which made it even more perfect.  Now, while you’re imagining this tranquil scene, suddenly notice the naked middle aged man having a bath over to the left.. Bahahahahaha  !! Miss 13 was so mortified, she actually considered not getting in, stating that the water can’t possibly be clean now that a naked man has been in it.  Lol.

The man in question was actually quite embarassed and apologised profusely before promptly fast walking away.  My children may be scared for life.. whoops. 😂

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The thermal pools are natural on the bottom, but with manmade sides & steps etc. They are apart of a naturally flowing creek that they have blocked off either end.

Finally, we decided we needed to drag ourselves out of the lovely warm water and head back to camp as it was getting dark.  Once back in the van, we realised we’d forgotten to get milk for brekky, and also dinner as I’d planned on making pancakes. So, poor DH had to venture out in the now heavyish rain to walk the couple of hundred meters to the store.

He arrived back with no milk for pancakes, but with a big serve of hot chips… Waa-lah, dinner is served !!

We went to bed a little concerned about the increasing rain, but we’ll have to see what trow brings.

Blessings Peeps xox