RT Day 14 03Hi all 😊 Wednesday morning began VERY WET !! Actually, it rained ALL night.  When I woke up and realised it had indeed rained all night and therefore it was not only very wet outside, but it was going to be challenging getting all 5 of us over to the amenities, dressed, back inside the van & fed without making a huge muddy mess.  😕 On top of that, our planned destination, Kakadu, had the same weather forecast.

Seeing a good friend had told us that the locals sometimes refer to Kakadu as Kaka-don’t, (LOL) we thought we may not be missing anything too much by skipping it and making our way directly to Darwin. We were also slightly concerned about there being so much rain that we get stranded OUT of Darwin.

So, based on all this. . We made the decision to pack up quickly, (surprisingly, DH only got slightly wet packing up the outside of the van.), drive over to the amenities block (literally, RIGHT NEXT TO IT) so we could all get in & out without stepping off concrete. We then rolled (sloshed) right out of there with the plan to pull up in Katherine & eat brekky there.


Once at Katherine (only an hour south), things looked pretty bleak weather-wise. We really wanted to see Nitmiluk National Park, so decided to head out there (about 30mins) and see what we could see. 


While we couldn’t actually do much there,  it was still worth the trip out, as even in pouring rain the gorge was gorgeous (no pun intended). 


Much to Miss 13’s disgust (yes, she’s disgusted easily. Lol), there were many bats about. Quite LARGE bats to be honest. 


The funny pic at the very top is the sign directing you to the Ladies toilets in the national park.  We all thought that it was quite amusing. Does whoever designed it think that Indigenous women have their boobs UNDER their arms?? Lol. 




As you can see, my hat served me extremely well.  The rest of me might have been soaking, but my head and face were completely dry.  


We stopped off at the Katherine museum and checked out the info and old items they had on display. 

This was now to be our last day in Molly #2.  Now that we’ve returned her, I’ll give you my rundown on motorhomes and whether I would recommend them,  the pros & cons etc.

First, of course they are great in that you have everything with you all of the time, which is great as you can just pull up on the side of the road, open up the sink, make sangas/snacks/drinks etc.   This pro is also a con though as in situations like last night when milk had been forgotten and we were already setup, so it’s not possible to ‘seperate’ yourself from the van.

It is quite big for what it is, which for having 2 adults and 3 kids living in it for 12 days is great, but it also a big vehicle for DH to be driving for all that time.  Let’s just say there’s no ‘popping into the shops quickly’.

While it seems like a fun idea for the kids position to be a booth setup, & it was for schoolwork purposes, as far as their viability of what they were passing.. not so great.  Also, as the reviews said, it is VERY noisy. It’s hard enough for DH & I to have a discussion… forget us being able to talk to the kids, or them to us.

While there is AC in the camper, just like there is in a car, it simply doesn’t reach back to the kids, so they found it extremely hot back there. The AC for the camper itself is 240 volt only,  so only works when parked and plugged into power.

While it’s great that it comes with a toilet & shower, we actually never used either.  Mostly because DH didn’t want to deal with the emptying process of it. Apparently it’s being simple and clean, but if he didn’t want to do it, I was going to push it on him.. he already had to do all of the driving. Plus, except for bad weather situations, we really didn’t find using the provided amenities at each campground that hard to use (except for some of the more dodgy ones where I was probably quite blessed to have poor eyesight. Lol)

If I were to do this trip again, I definitly would do the 4wd hire and stay in accommodation, as it simply would have been more family inclusive.   There was no option to point out something you were passing, and then discuss it. A little disappointing really. RT Day 14 07

Anyway, enough of my camper review… we finally rolled into Darwin at about 3.30, having made the necessary calls to return our camper a day early, and add a day onto both our 4wd hire & accommodation.  The place I secured was a real score and just what we needed after 12 days squished together in either the camper or a cabin/motel room. It’s a 2 level 3 bedroom townhouse with a full kitchen, lounge,  dining, laundry & private courtyard.  We love it.  Plus it has 2 great pools.

We were all HANGING OUT for a true homecooked meal, so after a stock up at Woolies, I was able to put a super delicious meal of Chicken Kiev, sweet potato mash, & vegetables on the table…. and everyone loved it !! RT Day 14 09Okies peeps… signing off for now.

Blessings xox