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P. S. My fav pic from today at Florence falls !!

RT Day 17 01

Praise The Lord, Saturday dawned bright & sunny (of course it would. .. we bought 3 Bunnings umbrellas yest. Lol)

We were up & away by 8am which turned out to be a good thing seeing as we didn’t roll back in until after 7pm.

My knee is, to say the least, causing me no end of grief, so along with our stop at Woolies for snacks,  I went into the pharmacy to get some advice. I think the girl was a little freaked by the severity of the situation. Surprisingly , she discouraged the purchase/use of a supportive band as the pressure on the built up fluid could cause further problems. I wasn’t too upset, as the knee band was $52.. what the !!! She sold me some Voltaren cream to use instead of my Deep Heat. (My tube is probs 10yrs old,  so who knows what the effectiveness is like. Whoops).

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Our first stop was Berry Springs, but due to the rain recently,  the ‘springs’ part was closed. They call it a ‘controlled Crocodile area’ normally they have a good grasp on where the crocs are etc (there are fences to keep the crocs from popular swimming spots) but when there has been a lot of rain, they can’t be sure of croc movements, so they close the swimming areas.

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Our next stop was the Magnetic & Cathederal termite mounds. Yes, it does seem strange that gigantic termite homes are a tourist attraction, but they actually are quite interesting.  The one Miss 13 is standing beside must be the granny flat as it’s just an off-shoot off the back.

RT Day 17 08

Our family + a gazillion ants. Lol

RT Day 17 09

Our next stop, Buley Rockhole, was GORGEOUS. I choose to sit on the bank for this one as the rocks were just far too uneven for me to attempt.  It was seriously like the perfect natural pool… complete with waterfall, perfectly placed rocks & diving platform.

DH & the kiddos went exploring further down the pools, .and apparently there was a slightly dangerous situation where Miss 13 & Master 12 nearly got washed over a waterfall… so it’s probably better that I didn’t witness that one.  They both have some minor injuries to show for it.

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So, who thinks the kids LOVED this rockhole ??

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My photos are appearing a little out of order here, but our next stop was Florence falls. I was determined to not miss out on this one, but I’m certainly paying for that decision now.  It’s 125 steps down to the falls. It wasn’t too bad for my knee getting in once we were down there, but getting out, and the 125 steps back up was TORTURE !!

After leaving Florence falls, we made our way to Wangi falls. This one was also closed due to croc activity,  but was well worth the look. There was also a cafe there + some nice big low benches, so Miss 13 very nicely (actually I’m pretty sure she was over exploring by this point. Lol) stayed with me while DH & the boys went exploring. They were gone just long enough for me to have a powernap. Woot woot !!

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Litchfield National Park is kind of a circle. We had come in at the far end and intended to make our way around and then come out at the end closest to Darwin, however, that end is unsealed (don’t tell Mr Budget that we took our hire car on an unsealed road) and due to the recent rain there were many potholes & water across the road etc.  We were doing fine until we hit THIS… if you can’t zoom in & see the height, it’s about 1.2m over the bridge. Soooooo, we had to turn around and take the VERY LONG way home. .. hence arriving back after 7pm.

RT Day 17 17

So, that basically sums up today.

Blessings Peeps xox