This is going to be a quick one peeps as we’re at the airport with a 4hr wait ahead of us and I am soooooo tired it’s not even funny.

Today was all about packing up and killing time.  We got these great cheap flights,  but the catch is that they leave at 0.55am…  however, now that we’ve been through, and still going through, the time killing day. .. we would have happily paid WHATEVER PRICE NEEDED (LOL) to leave at a more respectable time… plus we just worked out it has cost us over $300 to stay up for this ‘cheap’ flight,  so we haven’t saved as much as we thought anyway.

So, after leaving our accommodation at 11am, we headed to Lee Point to see what it was like.  While being very beautiful,  it was so hot that it simply wasn’t  enjoyable being there. . which was basically the case all day.

20150329_123912 20150329_124100

Totally cool tree though !! It was like 40 degrees under this tree.

20150329_124551 20150329_132113

We then headed to the main shopping centre, Casuarina (we went there 3 times today.  Lol) to buy a cheap backpack in case we got to the airport and our bags were over the weight limit.

After that first visit,  we went to Cullen Bay, which was quite nice, but far too hot to enjoy.

We decided we couldn’t kill time outside today, so headed back to the shops for our first movie of the day, Home. Quite a good movie. . Funny.

Coming out at 4.30pm, our next movie wasn’t until 6.30, so we went looking for dinner.

Dinner done, we were back at the movie.. this time for Cindarella for Me & the kids, & Chappie for DH.

Cindarella was actually quite good, but seriously, how many times can they make this movie?? It was actually quite cool that 2 characters from Downton Abbey are in it.

DH said Chappie was”Ok, but way too much swearing.” (If he said that,  there seriously must have been a lot)

Anyway, so here we are now… super comfortable (ha ha) on the floor at the airport, as they don’t offer ANY chairs this side of security.

After some sleep,  I’ll give you guys a half decent blog reviewing the entire trip.

Blessings xox