So, we’ve been back since VERY early Monday. We dragged our butts in the door at 6am after a very, very uncomfortable flight from Darwin.
A few reason why is was uncomfortable… the fact that we got on a plane after having been awake already for 18hrs, then it’s understandably uncomfortable sitting up for 4hrs when you want to be asleep, plus add some coldness in there … and you’re pretty much on track for how ‘pleasant’ our time was.
Anyway… enough about that… we very unfortunately had to come home to a, shall we say, atrociously disgusting pet situation…. let’s just not talk about that one anymore as I’m pretty peeved about it to honest. 3 days later, it is close to being rectified.
We all fell into bed by 6.30 and slept soundly, not hearing a single thing including a few phone calls and txt messages, until lunchtime. We hadn’t eaten anything when arriving home (nothing in the house) and then didn’t eat for the same reason when we got up at ‘lunch’ time. I headed out with my Mum & 2 of my nieces at about 2pm and when we were ordering coffee, it occurred to me that I hadn’t eaten all day and I honestly had no idea what meal of the day it even was. It was a super weird sensation. This weirdness continued until probably yesturday actually… I seriously wouldn’t have thought you can get jet lag from flying within Australia, but we definitely had it. I think if we’d flown home during the day it would have been fine though.
It is pretty surreal that the whole trip is now over…. so much planning and organising for months prior, and now it’s all done & dusted. I guess that’s how it goes though right.
The kids are back into their schoolwork, but we are yet to get started at our normal time of 8am. Maybe t’row.. oh wait, it’s Good Friday t’row, so let’s try for next Tuesday. I’m optimistic about the situation. LOL.
I does feel a tad weird that we are finishing the term today and yet I’m only sending one (fat) envelope of testing back to the school. Having said that, I did back date 4 or 5 tests in order to make them fall in February and not March.
The schooling situation definitely feels different this year, which is sad. We don’t have the same group feeling that we enjoyed last year. There is still to be an activity day with the group we were with last year. There has been a couple of others, but no-one we knew was at them. It’s great to make new friends, yes, but also great to catch up with old ones.
I believe there will be catchups with our former group starting next term, so we’ll certainly look forward to those.
Ok… signing off for now peeps.
Blessings. xoxo