Well, it’s cold and raining here in Sunny Queensland….. Beautiful one minute, perfect the next. LOL. I actually do think it’s pretty perfect when it’s cold and raining … so relaxing and comfy to stay at home, knowing I don’t have to do the school run.. (HUGE homeschooling benefit). I should clarify though.. I only think it’s perfect weather if the rain goes away by day 3 or 4… after that, it just gets yucky with laundry and other jobs that require dry weather. To date, I have refused to buy a clothes dryer as I think they are a waste of money and electricity… but it is on days like today that I’m super tempted to get one. I certainly did enjoy having one when we were away, so who knows.. maybe you might see a blog in the future entitled :I bought a clothes dryer”.. man, what an exciting blog that would be. LOL.
We are well into our schoolwork for the term, which is fantastic. Master 12s maths tutor is here at present. He claims to hate having a maths tutor, but whenever she’s here, he loves the learning… and says so afterwards too. His extreme improvement in Maths show that he is most defiantly benefiting from the tutoring.
There are several tests on the cards for today, so that always makes for a slightly more ‘interesting’ day… usually in a good way.. sometimes, not so much. At least there’s only one spelling test… last fortnight, all 3 kids spelling tests lined up on the SAME day and I was ready to scream by the end of it.. I just felt like all I did all day was read out spelling words. Arrrggghhh !! So, as a result, I’m VERY glad there is only one spelling text today. :0)
After our ‘normal’ schoolwork is complete today, we will go onto some pre-naplan testing. Napoleon is The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual national assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students in these year levels are expected to participate in tests in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. I’m just super ‘lucky’ to have all 3 kiddos falling in the participating years this year. It will be a slight adventure though, as they return to their previous school in order to do the testing. It goes for 3 days, but only for the morning session each day. I’m not really looking forward to it to be honest, as I won’t know what to do with myself for those hours… I’ll have to plan coffee dates to keep me distracted from he fact that my children aren’t with me.. yes, pathetic I know. I believe I’ve set myself up for additional heartache when it comes time for them to ‘fly the nest’. Oh well, I’ll face that when I get there.. after all, I KNOW that God gives me strength to get through ALL things, so I’ll be fine.
DH has let me know that he has a trip coming up for work.. he’ll be away for 2wks, so I’m in the process of planning a weekend away to visit him in the middle of his trip. We haven’t had time away without children in 6yrs, so it’ll certainly be good if I can make it happen.
Side note – I LOVE hearing the rain falling outside as I type this… it’s a simply glorious sound.. I’ve told you guys before that we often listen to classical or worship music while working, but on rainy days like these.. we all prefer to have the rain as our music.
There, of course, are some drawbacks to these rainy days, like soccer training cancellation for this afternoon, as well as a most likely cancelled game on Saturday. It’s a home game and the field tends to stay wet for a while, and seeing the rain is predicted to stay around until Sat, I don’t think our chances are good.
Mother’s Day is just around the corner too and I’m trying to think of things to do for the day… No, my DH is, shall we say, PATHETIC when it comes to celebrating these days, so this year I’ve decided that rather than get down about the fact that he doesn’t organise anything… I’ll just do it.. that way, at least I’ll enjoy the day. Gotta take the good with the bad.. I may not have been blessed with a super romantic DH, but I certainly was blessed with a skilled one. There are so many things he has been able to do around & in our houses over the years that have saved us buckets of money. In addition to that, there are so many things he does do that perhaps other DHs don’t, so I came to the point a few years back to always focus on that, rather than the things that I ‘wish’ were in his skill-set. Plus, there’s the added bonus that we don’t need to own a stepladder… Hahahahahaha. For those that don’t know us personally, my DH is 6ft 6inches tall. Lightbulbs are changed with ease here in our home. LOL !!!
Okies peeps.. I pray you’re having a blessed day !! xox