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June 2015

So much hatred, covered by so much LOVE !!!


The continued downfall of our society took a further lurch downwards in recent days with the legalisation of same sex marriage in the US.   Now, I could sit here and type out a whole pile of scripture verses as to why I believe that God planned a marriage to be one man and one woman, and in turn, for each child to have one Mum and one Dad, but I would say that most that read my blogs know all of the verses I would put down.

As the title says…. there is so much hatred in the world .. and yet it is COVERED by so much love !!  Even if some don’t always treat those that disagree with our beliefs as best we could, our Heavenly Father’s love ENDURES !!   We are called to LOVE our neighbour.. to LOVE all..  it doesn’t mean we have to agree with every choice they make.  He said, “As I have loved you, love one another.”

I read a fantastic comment buried amongst many nasty one, that hit the proverbial nail on the head yesturday. It went something like this…..

“No Supreme Court decision can put Jesus back in the tomb, undo anything that He has done for us, or touch anything He has in store for us in the future.”

Another great quote doing the rounds on social media is the following…

“Yes, I am Christian. I believe the Bible.  I do not support homosexuality or ‘homosexual marriage.’  Yes, I still love you.  Yes, we are still friends.  No, I am not judging you.  No, I am not condemning you to hell.  No, I will not let anyone bully you.   But realise that name-calling and stereotyping those of us who stand for what we believe is exactly what you don’t want done to you.  We have a right to speak what we believe, same as you have a right to speak what you believe.  “

While I stand by every word of that, it’s still a tough one as I’d kinda prefer to not have the same-sex issues splashed all over every newspaper, magazine, in every news broadcast, added to every sitcom storyline etc etc.  While I do find it frustrating to have to explain these things to my children, I do realise that it’s far better that I do have these conversations with them, then them being out in the world and being negatively effected by it where they don’t have the safety & security of our Godly parental advice on the subject.

While we do have many many scripture references to show us that this is all part of what needs to happen before Jesus will return, reality is still tough.  Having these scriptures is certainly reassuring though.  Seriously, every night in my prayer time I will say something like this “Thank you so much for Your presence, Your Word and all that I can  learn from it….. coz I sure as heck don’t know how I’d be surviving without it. ”  (Yes, I say ‘sure as heck’  LOL)

I’d really love to encourage you to dive into The Word as often as you can…. and as my 17yr old niece would say…  “GET KEEN FOR IT !!”

Blessings Peeps !!  xox

The Negative Ned Caboose !!


So, once again, (well, the for the third time in however many years I’ve been on FB), I’ve decided to jump off the FaceBook train.  A few reasons for this..

1.  (the obvious one !).. it’s a TIMEWASTER !!

2. I like the idea of being forced to actually make a phone call in order to find out what is going on with those I care about…  whether I’ll actually pick that phone up is another thing.. but here’s hoping.   Even a letter could be fab….  Mmmmm.. will have to get motivated.

3.  I’m a little battle weary as a result of being hit with many many many nasty and negative comments after giving my opinion, when asked for it, on the subject of Halal Certification on a TV show FB page. This is a topic that I feel very strongly about, and even though I know these people are mostly uneducated morons who have nothing better to do than attack strangers from behind their keyboard, it still leaves a dent and a bruise at times.  @shieldsuppeeps .

So, I have made the 24hr mark now of not being on/checking FB.  What has it highlighted to me?  Well, for one, the amount of times per day I go to look at it.  I’ve decided I’m going to treat it like a fast.  Every time I think of it, I’ll use that opportunity to speak to my Heavenly Father.  I noticed myself doing that yesturday anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised when I would go to pick up my phone etc to check FB, pull myself up for it, but then realise it didn’t bother me in the slightest to not look.  I would send a quiet thank you heavenward for the heart change He had obviously done in me in order for it not to bother me.

It seems like such a ridiculous subject to be talking about, let alone blogging about, but the reality for so many people is that FB is one of the biggest factors of their day.  So many are intrigued as to what is going on with others, good & bad.  Don’t get me wrong, FB can be a fantastic tool to bring people together, highlight prayer needs of others, getting a message out to the masses etc etc.  I’ll almost certainly go back to it at some point.  But like so many other things today, it’s also hijacked by those with bad intentions.  The recent Duggar family story really highlighted that for me.. to just see how many were happy to jump on social media and say the most awful things about a complete stranger, when in most cases, their comments alone showed that they had not read anything on the subject, they were just going along with the Negative Ned Caboose (Yes, I just called it a Negative Ned Caboose… so there.  LOL).

I’m struggling in this area at the moment.. just to find a way of happily living & functioning in a world where so many are happy to attack others, and in most cases, it’s just for the sake of it.  I have complete faith in my Heavenly Father’s hand being over all things.. and I also know that even logic alone will tell you that things are getting intense in these end times.  Reality is still in play though.. I still need to get up each day, devote time to my husband, homeschool my children, pay bills, do the groceries, get together with friends, be apart of a church family, take my kids to the many different sports & activities they do each week… and all the other things that make up LIFE.  It gets tough when you have to do all these things with a smile on your face, knowing that at times you’re going to encounter others who don’t have the same Godly mindset as you.

There’s that balance that we all need to find…. surrounding ourselves with Godly friends who will encourage us, keep us accountable, and just generally ‘do life with’, but we also need to always be mindful of our biggest job here… to save the lost for The LORD.  We can’t do that if we hole ourselves up with only our like-minded friends.

I was just saying to my DH last night that it’s really easy to look back BA (what I fondly call my ‘Before Awakening’ which is about 3.5yrs ago now) and think it was so much easier/simpler back then.. no concept of the Spiritual Realm, the power of words, the enemy’s cunning ways, before the days of actually SEEING into the spiritual realm & finding that there is so so so much more going on here than our little lives and those around us.  But there is just far too much ENCOURAGEMENT to be taken from these things to even consider life being ‘better’ before I was made aware of them.

I must say I shudder to think what I would have said before God had I been taken Home BA when he asked me “What did you do with the gifts I gave you?”  I probably would have been like “What gifts? Did you send me something?  Maybe I missed the card.”  haha.  With this in mind, and although it requires a heck of a lot of commitment and dedication, I cannot be more thankful for my awakening.  I now know that I wasn’t just lucky or blessed to be given the parents I have, the siblings I have, the Husband & children I have.. and even the friends I have.  I was placed exactly where I am, with the people that surround me, and even in this particular time, because it’s how God planned it.

The kids one is a big one for me. BA, I was just like “Lucky me…  3 healthy children, no fertility issues, pretty cruisy pregnancies & births… aren’t I just blessed.”  Which of course, is true… I WAS blessed with all those things, but I never put too much thought into what I was raising these children to be.. future husbands, wives, employees & maybe bosses, friends, & so much more.  I certainly don’t want my children to be 35 before they have their awakening with The Lord.  I need to be speaking to their heart condition NOW and right through their childhood.  I need to be teaching them of their responsibility in HIStory too. They’ve been giving gifts too, they too have a part to play.  The enemy has done a very good job convincing us all that we deserve EVERYTHING we want or desire.  We have a RIGHT to everything.  Well, actually NO, we don’t have a right to anything.  We are PRIVILEGED to have what we have.

I will continue to teach my children Humility !!  Believe me, it’s probably one of the hardest things to be constantly instilling, as everything that surrounds them tell them the complete opposite…  The world says “Put yourself first, above all things.”  Humility tells us to put others before ourselves in all situations.

So, in conclusion of my very muddled, probably not articulated well blog today is that I need to keep CLOSE to The LORD at all times, draw near to HIM in EVERY situation, because EVERY situation .. my parenting, my relationship with my Husband, my relationship with friends, etc etc, need to be done under HIS guidance, because basically, if I do it guided by ANYTHING else, it will only lead to heartache, whether it be short-lived or long !!

Trust-in-the-Lord-with-All-My-Heart-  DECLARE IT PEEPS !!!!!

Blessings !!! xox

A weekend worth the wait !! :0)


After 2wks without DH at home, Friday couldn’t come soon enough, to jump on a jet plane and head to Beautiful Perth !!  8yrs since we have had a night away together kid-free !!

The plane was HUGE… I haven’t been on a plane bigger than 6 seats across before, so it was pretty cool.  However, when you fly on your own and are in a middle seat, you find out much you would normally lean on your travel companion, or the window if you have one.  It was a pretty uncomfortable flight having to sit bold upright for 5+hrs.

A slight mishap with forgetting my jacket was a bit of a worry for when I got out of the plane, but it ended up not being too bad.  (I bought a jacket the next day.) When disembarking, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, I was so looking forward to seeing my DH, but my smiles were wasted (LOL) as he had gotten confused in the airport and wasn’t at my gate anyway.  We found each other pretty quickly though.. and there was lots of kissing.  ha ha !!!

Our first stop was to find dinner.  DH went to an area he’d found a few nights back.  It was basically a street of restaurants, bars & cafes and was quite nice as my first Perth experience for the trip.  The Restaurant we settled on was an Italian place, Monte Fiore Cafe Restaurant, and had a lovely atmosphere.  How terrible that I can’t actually remember what I had, but I’m pretty sure it would have been chicken, well, coz I basically always order chicken. LOL.

When we got back to our accommodation that DH had checked into earlier that arv, I found the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers waiting for me. He had plans to bring it with him to the airport, but he wouldn’t have gotten it through security etc.  (I ended up having to leave them in Perth too when we left on Monday for the same reason. :0( … )


The following morning we headed to a nearby shopping centre in search of a jacket.  In my true thrifty style, I settled on a Navy Danni Minogue preppy jacket reduced from $99 to $39.  Woot Woot !!!!  A visit to Gloria Jeans mid shop was much enjoyed as I strangely only took high heel boots with me…. what was I thinking??

The movies was our next stop… we saw ‘Aloha’.  It was here that we found out that the movies are REALLY expensive in Perth.. well, at this particular cinema anyway..  For the two of us to go to a V-max movie was $48.. and that’s concession price.  Wowzers !!

Our plan was to head back for a sleep before our big night out at C Restaurant, but a lovely warm bath was far more appealing… gotta love a nice soak in the tub !!!!


So, our ‘splurge night out’ adventure began with parking our hire car a LONG way away from the Restaurant.. not intentionally of course, but needless to say, the boots may have looked fantastic, but they certainly didn’t feel fantastic after walking 10+ blocks.  It was certainly worth the walk though.  Even the forecourt of the building was interesting with several statues depicting the change of the business man over the years.  Here’s DH posing with one of them.


We jumped in the elevator and took the 33 floor journey upwards… yawns necessary.  The first impression was elegance and sophistication.  The lighting was quite dim which worried me at first, as I obviously don’t do fantastically in low lighting, but it wasn’t as if I had to move around much, so once we were seen to our table, it was all good.  Plus, you do need it fairly dark inside in order to fully experience the lights of the City all around you.  The Restaurant rotates at about an inch per few seconds… we were there just over 2hrs and just got around one full rotation plus a little extra.

The food was divine… expensive, but divine !!! The atmosphere was lovely, the wait staff were fantastic… all in all, a great experience.  It would certainly be nice to go there for dinner in the summer when you can enjoy seeing the city in daylight, and then get to enjoy a sunset etc.

The excruciating walk back was.. well, excruciating.  :0(  Like I said though, worth it.

Sunday dawned dull and rainy but we were excited anyway as we were heading to church to see our friends who moved to Perth 7yrs ago.  We thoroughly enjoyed their service, and then lunch out together afterwards.  Yes, you can tell by this photo that we defs LOVED our time together !!!


After saying goodbye to our dear friends, we heading an hour or so north to find the Crystal Caves.  I went there when I was in Perth for a conference several years ago and I knew that DH would enjoy them.

As this was to be our last afternoon in Perth, I was desperate to see a sunset over the ocean as, of course, we don’t see that here on the East Coast of Australia.

10625046_10153412062204540_3161560859877016985_n 11417749_10153414115374540_6757504657741777325_n

Our last morning in Perth was spent exploring more of the beaches and City.

1464026_10153413586134540_6119929978084331312_n 10257748_10153412134119540_3478290553158282611_n

The excitement didn’t end when we arrived at the airport as, soon after checking in, the entire airport was evacuated.  A little frustrating seeing as we were not far from boarding our plane when we were told to all leave immediately, plus it meant having to line up with the masses to come back through security.  It all proceeded fairly painlessly, and we even ended up arriving back home only a half hour later than planned.

All in all… the weekend was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, MEMORABLE, EXCITING.. and so much more !!!  I LOVE my DH to bits and am so blessed that God had him put aside for me !!

Blessings peeps !!  xox

A debate to drive a Christ follower bonkers.. or is it just me ??

While discussing the current Duggar family situation with a friend last night, some very interesting points came up.

Fall 2014 Header by Rachel 2

My concern over the situation is not at all about Josh’s alleged sin, as that in itself has two elements..  One is that it’s not even our business, and two, if he has gone before The Lord, repented and asked for forgiveness, than his slate is wiped clean.  Seeing as we’re not his judge, than none of us are in a position to make judgemental comments, or assumptions of what he has or hasn’t done in order to heal himself and his victims from this.  As we all know very keenly, while our sins are wiped away, the consequences of them are not.. so I have no doubt that the family is in a world of pain right now and for that reason, I continue to uphold them in prayer.

So, onto the points brought up last night…  While Josh, as a 14yr old boy, was certainly old enough to know right from wrong, he wasn’t old enough (or even in a position to) make the decision as to whether it was best to stay in front of cameras with their family life broadcasted all over America.  So, there is a lot to the thought that a very big responsibility falls on the parents as to whether they made the best decision moving forward after these events.  As with Josh, the same ‘rules’ apply…  we are not their judge, so whatever decision they made is not our business, but the questions is… Is it bringing Glory to God to have this TV show running at all?

That’s a pretty big question right?  It really got me thinking about TV shows, Big-name evangelists etc etc.  There is, or course, the Bates family who are extremely similar to the Duggars, having 19 kids etc.. starting to have their older children marry and have children etc etc.  I LOVE their show as it’s great to see a family, to the best of their ability, upholding Godly standards in every aspect of their lives… but once again, is the show God honouring?  This is actually a question I am asking myself… I in no way have the answers.  They would, as the Duggars would, gain financially by having their lives filmed & aired on TV.  Is this wrong for them to be doing this?  Christians are allowed to make money right? Are there limits?


It’s a tricky one for me as I do love watching them.  It’s pretty easy to look at a show like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and decide straight away that it is in NO WAY God honouring.. quite the opposite in fact… also shows like ‘My 5 wives’, ‘Sex sent me to the ED’ and others basically scream favoured shows of the enemy.. but it is easy to look at a show like ’19 kids & Counting’, or ‘Bringing up Bates’ and think that they are witnessing to so many by being on the TV and reaching so many around America, and in fact the world.

While people like Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Rick Warren, etc etc are extremely easy to listen to, so are therefore huge draw-cards for conferences etc, (I’m guilty of this myself as I do particularly like Beth Moore and went to Colour conference solely because she was going to be speaking there).

The question is, who is the draw-card really at these big events ?  It should be our Heavenly Father, but in reality, is it?  I know this is a very tricky question and I’m sure people would come forward with the argument that these people are very good at articulating God’s word, pulling a particular bible passage apart, or generally keeping a crowd focused… but is it GOD HONOURING ??  Jesus did not have the internet, or Facebook to alert people of his next destination or speaking event.  He was hated more than He was loved, and yet whether you are a believer or not, Jesus is the most famous person in History… (hence why it’s called HIS-STORY)

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think people are gifted speakers and are able to explain a particular part of the bible perhaps better than others, but how careful do we need to be that that person doesn’t become the one glorified?  I’m not wanting to speak negatively of anyone in order to put this topic out there, but I think some speakers certainly show a lot more humility than others.  For example, Frances Chan, Priscilla Shirer & indeed Beth Moore do jump out at me as three that go out of their way at the beginning of each speaking engagement to give all glory to God for the meeting and also stress that it is not them, but God speaking THROUGH them, using them as a vessel, to reach all those under the sound of their voice.  I must say that JM does not show humility at times when often she will pat herself on the back (literally) and openly say she is preaching fantastically that particular time.  Nearly every time she’s right, she IS preaching fantastically …  but she can’t take any credit for that…. it ALL needs to go to God.

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Once again, this is not a judgemental thing, but a way to put this topic forward and see what you all think?  There is of course plenty of logic to the fact that the internet allows so much reach around the world … but logic also tells us that if there were enough ‘Jesus with skin on’ people around the world, covering our own circles of influence, would not the whole world be reached also?

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Psalm 96:3 Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

Excuse me if I’m over-simplifying, but these passages were written a very long time before the internet.  I don’t believe God meant to wait until the age of the internet in order for these verses to become reality.


I personally LOVED going to Colour Conference last year.. great speakers, fantastic worship times.. but if I’m honest, I loved it because it was like going to a concert non-stop for 3days.  While I certainly experienced the presence of God while there, in all honesty, I also experience His presence in a profound way when worshipping in my lounge room.

I’d love your thoughts peeps !!  xox

Parenting by GODLY standards, not the worlds.

Just had to share this as it is fantastic !!


Blessings Peeps !!  xox

On the countdown to seeing my Honey… WARNING.. Mushy blog entry !!

Have I told you all how much I LOVE my DH to bits ??  Well, I do.. more than words can say.  Only 4 MORE SLEEPS until I see him again !!


So, I thought this morning, for your reading entertainment, I would share the fascinating story of how we met.  In true Fi’s blog entry fashion, I will try and make it as readable as possible… LOL.

It was a cold winters day in August 1994.  (Sizzling start right !!) The typical August westerlies were in full swing (or blow I guess).  It sill amazes me that I remember my entire outfit that day, right down to the shoes I wore. A black pin striped long skirt with a thigh split (racie much??), a black & white striped bodysuit (yes, I said bodysuit… it belonged to my sister and they’ve actually just come back into fashion… so typical.), a pale blue fluffy cardi that actually belonged to my Grandma…. still not sure why I even had that, but it was a gorgeous cardi and I love that I was wearing it the day I met DH.  Black pumps and stockings.. so there you go.  I do remember what DH wore too, but it’s actually not much of a feat that I remember, as he wore the SAME thing to work EVERY day.. and those were the days before he had a Telstra uniform, he just chose to wear the same thing every day I guess.

At that time, I worked as a Girl Friday (Does that position still exist??) at an engineering firm on Queen Street (for you non-aussies, that is the main street in our city).  Terry worked on the other side of the river, but had come over to do some banking.   So, both of us spent out lunchtime that Thursday doing some banking…. at the same bank.

Ok, so here is where DH will tell the story slightly differently, but oh well, let’s just agree to disagree that I’m right and he’s wrong.  :0)

I had arrived at the bank prior to DH and seeing as I was doing several different things at the bank that day.. transferring, withdrawing etc etc (you know, back in the day where you filled out a form for every little action you did) I spent a fair amount of time at a counter writing my essay forms before stand in the ‘queue’ (We were the only two in the bank at that time, so there wasn’t really a queue.)  In this time, DH walked in and filled out his one simple form, so ended up in the ‘queue’ just after me.  The differing of the story happens right here as when I was standing waiting to be called, I noticed I hadn’t signed one of the slips, so simply took half a step out of the line to lean on the counter just there. It was in this time  that DH came into the line, so when I took my half step back into he line, I had that ‘someone is behind me’ sense and turned my head to look behind me.  As any polite person would, I said excuse me and asked if I had cut in front of him.  He said “well kind of, but it’s ok”.  (such romantic words to have as our first exchange, right.).  His version of this part is simply “She pushed in.” ha ha.

We chatted for a bit before being called up. As I took longer (with her verifying my many essays), DH had finished long before me.  I remember nervously wanting to look if he was still there or not.  He was waiting for me (how touching) and once I was finished, we proceeded to make out way out and head towards the mall, after we’d asked each other where we were headed.  It’s probably a good 10min walk from the bank to the mall, so we had chatted quite a bit by the time we got there.. and the following is the line I will never forget.  “I’ll probably never see you again, so can I please have your phone number?” Yes, let’s all collectively say “Awwwwwww” at this point !!  I still remember it as being so strange as my Dad has always told me to not give my phone number out to strangers, so it was pretty strange that I actually gave it out.

So, we parted ways at the bottom the mall.. I headed up the mall and DH into the bank there (second bank visit, yes).  A funny story DH told me years later is that when he walked into that second bank, the line was too long, so he decided he didn’t have the time to do it, but when he went to walk back out, he suddenly thought that maybe I might still be out there and would see him and think he’d just made the excuse of going into that bank to get away from me.  Little did he know at that time that I was legally blind and wouldn’t have seen him anyway.. bahahahahahahaha

So, apparently, after a fair few attempts at working up the courage to call me, DH finally called at 9pm (Remember this was the 90s and I was still a teenager at home with Mum & Dad, so therefore ringing someone after 8.30pm was a sin you did not commit. LOL)  I had actually completely forgotten about meeting him that day (how awful am I), so when he called that night, he did have to remind me who he was.  I do still feel terrible about that as it did take him a bit to get up the courage to call me and then I didn’t even remember him. whoops.  Another interesting thing about that night is that, even though I had forgotten about him when he called, I actually bought a dinner set while out that night…  DH likes to bring that up and say that I was all ready to set up house with him.. LOL.

We organised a date for Saturday night, but strangely enough, ended up seeing each other on the Friday night too… and the rest is History…  well, bumpy, blissful,  pot-holed, happy, trying, joyful, amusing, frustrating, adventurous, God planned History, but well, that’s a whole lot more blogs !!!

God sure put two very different people together, but he’s brought us through so much and in the process moulded us (& continues to mould us) into a beautiful couple, and then a beautiful family.  With God as our continued foundation…  we can take on the world !!

Blessings Peeps !!

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