Have I told you all how much I LOVE my DH to bits ??  Well, I do.. more than words can say.  Only 4 MORE SLEEPS until I see him again !!


So, I thought this morning, for your reading entertainment, I would share the fascinating story of how we met.  In true Fi’s blog entry fashion, I will try and make it as readable as possible… LOL.

It was a cold winters day in August 1994.  (Sizzling start right !!) The typical August westerlies were in full swing (or blow I guess).  It sill amazes me that I remember my entire outfit that day, right down to the shoes I wore. A black pin striped long skirt with a thigh split (racie much??), a black & white striped bodysuit (yes, I said bodysuit… it belonged to my sister and they’ve actually just come back into fashion… so typical.), a pale blue fluffy cardi that actually belonged to my Grandma…. still not sure why I even had that, but it was a gorgeous cardi and I love that I was wearing it the day I met DH.  Black pumps and stockings.. so there you go.  I do remember what DH wore too, but it’s actually not much of a feat that I remember, as he wore the SAME thing to work EVERY day.. and those were the days before he had a Telstra uniform, he just chose to wear the same thing every day I guess.

At that time, I worked as a Girl Friday (Does that position still exist??) at an engineering firm on Queen Street (for you non-aussies, that is the main street in our city).  Terry worked on the other side of the river, but had come over to do some banking.   So, both of us spent out lunchtime that Thursday doing some banking…. at the same bank.

Ok, so here is where DH will tell the story slightly differently, but oh well, let’s just agree to disagree that I’m right and he’s wrong.  :0)

I had arrived at the bank prior to DH and seeing as I was doing several different things at the bank that day.. transferring, withdrawing etc etc (you know, back in the day where you filled out a form for every little action you did) I spent a fair amount of time at a counter writing my essay forms before stand in the ‘queue’ (We were the only two in the bank at that time, so there wasn’t really a queue.)  In this time, DH walked in and filled out his one simple form, so ended up in the ‘queue’ just after me.  The differing of the story happens right here as when I was standing waiting to be called, I noticed I hadn’t signed one of the slips, so simply took half a step out of the line to lean on the counter just there. It was in this time  that DH came into the line, so when I took my half step back into he line, I had that ‘someone is behind me’ sense and turned my head to look behind me.  As any polite person would, I said excuse me and asked if I had cut in front of him.  He said “well kind of, but it’s ok”.  (such romantic words to have as our first exchange, right.).  His version of this part is simply “She pushed in.” ha ha.

We chatted for a bit before being called up. As I took longer (with her verifying my many essays), DH had finished long before me.  I remember nervously wanting to look if he was still there or not.  He was waiting for me (how touching) and once I was finished, we proceeded to make out way out and head towards the mall, after we’d asked each other where we were headed.  It’s probably a good 10min walk from the bank to the mall, so we had chatted quite a bit by the time we got there.. and the following is the line I will never forget.  “I’ll probably never see you again, so can I please have your phone number?” Yes, let’s all collectively say “Awwwwwww” at this point !!  I still remember it as being so strange as my Dad has always told me to not give my phone number out to strangers, so it was pretty strange that I actually gave it out.

So, we parted ways at the bottom the mall.. I headed up the mall and DH into the bank there (second bank visit, yes).  A funny story DH told me years later is that when he walked into that second bank, the line was too long, so he decided he didn’t have the time to do it, but when he went to walk back out, he suddenly thought that maybe I might still be out there and would see him and think he’d just made the excuse of going into that bank to get away from me.  Little did he know at that time that I was legally blind and wouldn’t have seen him anyway.. bahahahahahahaha

So, apparently, after a fair few attempts at working up the courage to call me, DH finally called at 9pm (Remember this was the 90s and I was still a teenager at home with Mum & Dad, so therefore ringing someone after 8.30pm was a sin you did not commit. LOL)  I had actually completely forgotten about meeting him that day (how awful am I), so when he called that night, he did have to remind me who he was.  I do still feel terrible about that as it did take him a bit to get up the courage to call me and then I didn’t even remember him. whoops.  Another interesting thing about that night is that, even though I had forgotten about him when he called, I actually bought a dinner set while out that night…  DH likes to bring that up and say that I was all ready to set up house with him.. LOL.

We organised a date for Saturday night, but strangely enough, ended up seeing each other on the Friday night too… and the rest is History…  well, bumpy, blissful,  pot-holed, happy, trying, joyful, amusing, frustrating, adventurous, God planned History, but well, that’s a whole lot more blogs !!!

God sure put two very different people together, but he’s brought us through so much and in the process moulded us (& continues to mould us) into a beautiful couple, and then a beautiful family.  With God as our continued foundation…  we can take on the world !!

Blessings Peeps !!