So, once again, (well, the for the third time in however many years I’ve been on FB), I’ve decided to jump off the FaceBook train.  A few reasons for this..

1.  (the obvious one !).. it’s a TIMEWASTER !!

2. I like the idea of being forced to actually make a phone call in order to find out what is going on with those I care about…  whether I’ll actually pick that phone up is another thing.. but here’s hoping.   Even a letter could be fab….  Mmmmm.. will have to get motivated.

3.  I’m a little battle weary as a result of being hit with many many many nasty and negative comments after giving my opinion, when asked for it, on the subject of Halal Certification on a TV show FB page. This is a topic that I feel very strongly about, and even though I know these people are mostly uneducated morons who have nothing better to do than attack strangers from behind their keyboard, it still leaves a dent and a bruise at times.  @shieldsuppeeps .

So, I have made the 24hr mark now of not being on/checking FB.  What has it highlighted to me?  Well, for one, the amount of times per day I go to look at it.  I’ve decided I’m going to treat it like a fast.  Every time I think of it, I’ll use that opportunity to speak to my Heavenly Father.  I noticed myself doing that yesturday anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised when I would go to pick up my phone etc to check FB, pull myself up for it, but then realise it didn’t bother me in the slightest to not look.  I would send a quiet thank you heavenward for the heart change He had obviously done in me in order for it not to bother me.

It seems like such a ridiculous subject to be talking about, let alone blogging about, but the reality for so many people is that FB is one of the biggest factors of their day.  So many are intrigued as to what is going on with others, good & bad.  Don’t get me wrong, FB can be a fantastic tool to bring people together, highlight prayer needs of others, getting a message out to the masses etc etc.  I’ll almost certainly go back to it at some point.  But like so many other things today, it’s also hijacked by those with bad intentions.  The recent Duggar family story really highlighted that for me.. to just see how many were happy to jump on social media and say the most awful things about a complete stranger, when in most cases, their comments alone showed that they had not read anything on the subject, they were just going along with the Negative Ned Caboose (Yes, I just called it a Negative Ned Caboose… so there.  LOL).

I’m struggling in this area at the moment.. just to find a way of happily living & functioning in a world where so many are happy to attack others, and in most cases, it’s just for the sake of it.  I have complete faith in my Heavenly Father’s hand being over all things.. and I also know that even logic alone will tell you that things are getting intense in these end times.  Reality is still in play though.. I still need to get up each day, devote time to my husband, homeschool my children, pay bills, do the groceries, get together with friends, be apart of a church family, take my kids to the many different sports & activities they do each week… and all the other things that make up LIFE.  It gets tough when you have to do all these things with a smile on your face, knowing that at times you’re going to encounter others who don’t have the same Godly mindset as you.

There’s that balance that we all need to find…. surrounding ourselves with Godly friends who will encourage us, keep us accountable, and just generally ‘do life with’, but we also need to always be mindful of our biggest job here… to save the lost for The LORD.  We can’t do that if we hole ourselves up with only our like-minded friends.

I was just saying to my DH last night that it’s really easy to look back BA (what I fondly call my ‘Before Awakening’ which is about 3.5yrs ago now) and think it was so much easier/simpler back then.. no concept of the Spiritual Realm, the power of words, the enemy’s cunning ways, before the days of actually SEEING into the spiritual realm & finding that there is so so so much more going on here than our little lives and those around us.  But there is just far too much ENCOURAGEMENT to be taken from these things to even consider life being ‘better’ before I was made aware of them.

I must say I shudder to think what I would have said before God had I been taken Home BA when he asked me “What did you do with the gifts I gave you?”  I probably would have been like “What gifts? Did you send me something?  Maybe I missed the card.”  haha.  With this in mind, and although it requires a heck of a lot of commitment and dedication, I cannot be more thankful for my awakening.  I now know that I wasn’t just lucky or blessed to be given the parents I have, the siblings I have, the Husband & children I have.. and even the friends I have.  I was placed exactly where I am, with the people that surround me, and even in this particular time, because it’s how God planned it.

The kids one is a big one for me. BA, I was just like “Lucky me…  3 healthy children, no fertility issues, pretty cruisy pregnancies & births… aren’t I just blessed.”  Which of course, is true… I WAS blessed with all those things, but I never put too much thought into what I was raising these children to be.. future husbands, wives, employees & maybe bosses, friends, & so much more.  I certainly don’t want my children to be 35 before they have their awakening with The Lord.  I need to be speaking to their heart condition NOW and right through their childhood.  I need to be teaching them of their responsibility in HIStory too. They’ve been giving gifts too, they too have a part to play.  The enemy has done a very good job convincing us all that we deserve EVERYTHING we want or desire.  We have a RIGHT to everything.  Well, actually NO, we don’t have a right to anything.  We are PRIVILEGED to have what we have.

I will continue to teach my children Humility !!  Believe me, it’s probably one of the hardest things to be constantly instilling, as everything that surrounds them tell them the complete opposite…  The world says “Put yourself first, above all things.”  Humility tells us to put others before ourselves in all situations.

So, in conclusion of my very muddled, probably not articulated well blog today is that I need to keep CLOSE to The LORD at all times, draw near to HIM in EVERY situation, because EVERY situation .. my parenting, my relationship with my Husband, my relationship with friends, etc etc, need to be done under HIS guidance, because basically, if I do it guided by ANYTHING else, it will only lead to heartache, whether it be short-lived or long !!

Trust-in-the-Lord-with-All-My-Heart-  DECLARE IT PEEPS !!!!!

Blessings !!! xox