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July 2015

Pro-LIFE vs …. WHAT THE ? There is no ‘other’ option.

Morning Blog readers, It's a gorgeous winter morning here in Brisbane, Australia.  20 degrees at the moment and heading towards 24 degrees.  Not bad for a July day.  We're sitting here in the sun-bathed school room and everything seems dandy.... Continue Reading →

Cameras, Croup & Linen

So peeps....  this was basically my day today... and not particularly in that order.  If you want to hear it in order... it went like this.  5.45am...  Hearing Master 10 barking like a seal with that oh so lovely seal-like... Continue Reading →

The ‘fun’ subject of Judgement… YAY. . let’s discuss !!

I am so grateful to say & know that I have grown immensely in my walk with The Lord in the last few years.  On the whole, this is AWESOME and helps me in so many ways that I'm always... Continue Reading →

HS Day 326 – Newest Character Traits training.

Orderliness vs Disorganisation Preparing myself and my surroundings so that I will achieve the greatest efficiency.   I Cor 14:40 - Let all things be done decently and in order.  Sadly, this one was able to be displayed by comparing... Continue Reading →

I’m Pro-Courtship… coz I’m Pro-Godly Marriage !!!!

Hi all.... Just wanted to share this link with you as it is the story of Michaela Bates from 'Bringing up Bates' and her soon-to-be DH, Brandon.  This basically has nothing to do with her being part of that family... Continue Reading →

An intruder moved in……but I’m kicking him to the kerb !!

The sun is shining.. the tank is clean...  BUT, all is not well. I'm seriously praying this passes soon (& it WILL), but I am fairly unsettled after the break-in yesturday.  Getting to sleep last night was a challenge...  It... Continue Reading →

Godly friends help me to be my Husbands greatest supporter !!

Seriously, the school holidays just draaaaaaag on so much.  I'm sure if I could drive, we'd be here there and everywhere during every school hols, but being stuck at home just makes you feel like you may as well be... Continue Reading →

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