Orderliness vs Disorganisation


Preparing myself and my surroundings so that I will achieve the greatest efficiency.  

I Cor 14:40 – Let all things be done decently and in order. 

Sadly, this one was able to be displayed by comparing my desk and James’ this morning… and no, mine wasn’t the organised one.  LOL.  Whoopsie…  Talk about not setting the example.  It is, however, fair to say my desk normally IS very organised, but you only need a few unmarked tests on there, a few paces, a bill or two.. and BAM…  Hello messy, unorganised desk.

It is a testament though to how you do indeed work inefficiently, or maybe just not as efficiently as you could, when things are ‘out of order’ or disorganised.  I know for a fact, that if I get one test appear on my nice organised clean desk, I’m far more likely to get that test market straight away and filed efficiently, but if there are already a few things on my desk, it is sadly very easy to think, I’ll just make a pile of them and do them later.  Sounds like an ok plan, right?  Well, actually NO because you can run into problems when a day or two has passed since a child sat a test if you find that they struggled in a particular area.  These struggles should be addressed the DAY of the test.. not later than that.

It really is great when the (& it nearly always can be) Character Trait we’re studying can be observed in both the kids, and DH & I as parents/Adults.  Not only does it involve everyone in the process, making for more discussion possibilities etc, but also it’s able to be seen played out in all sorts of situations.  Kid-version situations which are relevant to them now, but also adult-version situations which they will face later.

You could say our modelling of it as parents is almost far more important, as they look to us for guidance.  Looking at yourself with a humble heart, deciding if you do organise your life to a degree where things happen in order, or to an efficient level… which in turn, brings about the best results.

DH is able to model this particular on out in his shed where he is currently building an ultralight aeroplane.  Of late, he’s been doing a lot of the fibreglassing elements of the process.  This certainly needs to be done in an organised way or, quite frankly, it would be an absolute mess.  The pieces of fibreglass need to be laid out in piles, with the threads running this way for this pile, and the opposite way for another pile.  Alternating the use of the different piles makes for a strong finished result.  If there was no care taken with making those piles, making sure the threads go different ways etc,  it could result in a very dramatic consequence. (that I certainly don’t want displayed.)

With the kids all being part of a Soccer team this year is also a great arena where this character trait is displayed (either well, or not so well).  Each of the kids know that they have to have their soccer gear/uniform etc laid out on Friday night so that when they get up Sat morn, there’s no rushing around the house… having different children calling out “Where are my boots?   Where’s my Jersey?  I can’t find my socks” .  I realise that school kids have this responsibility too, with uniforms etc etc, but I think a sport team like this is an even better portrayal of it as you’re not just letting yourself down if you’re disorganised, but your entire team.  The consequences of you not being able to find your jersey can mean your team being a man-down on the field.

So, we’ll continue with our discussions and observations on this particular character trait this week and see where it takes us.

Blessings Peeps  xox