So peeps….  this was basically my day today… and not particularly in that order.  If you want to hear it in order… it went like this.  5.45am…  Hearing Master 10 barking like a seal with that oh so lovely seal-like cough that just screams CROUP !!

Oh how I hate the sound of that cough.  It does, however, appear that we will escape a hospital visit this winter as the previous night I was woken to his coughing at 2.45am and the previous night to that, around midnight… so he certainly seems to be making it further though the night.  The poor kid was tuckered out so much today that he was asleep at 3.30pm and slept for 2hrs…  that has not happened for a VERY long time.


I’m praying for even greater improvement through tonight and that he’ll be well on the way to full recovery t’row.

So….  next would be ‘Camera’ as I continue my in depth research into what camera I should upgrade to when I get my insurance claim back from the break-in.  I’m pretty much decided on the Canon 7D with a twin lens kit including an 18-55 and a 75-300 lens, but it’s still such a big decision.  I really LOVE LOVE LOVED my DSLR Pentax Camera prior to our burgle-buddy taking it….  I seriously got the BEST pictures with it and I’m missing it terribly.  Yes, I know, it’s a camera, get over it…  I’m trying !!!

So then comes LINEN !!!  The kids & I, along with my Mum, went to a dear friends house this morning for a Lorraine Lea Linen party.  I cannot remember the last time I went to a linen party, so I was pretty excited about it.  I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with the prices, but maybe that’s because last time I actually went to a linen party, I was probably still povvo-poor-person and the prices seemed as scary as my mortgage.

We have had the same donna cover on our King bed since we built this house 4yrs ago, so I have to say I carry no guilt at buying a new one today.  PLUS it was 40% off, so hey.. WIN-WIN !!!  Seriously though….  what is with the prices of doona covers ???  They’re just two flat sheets sewn together right??  LOL

I also booked to have my own party in a few weeks as my wish-list was simply too long for my bank balance to handle in one go.  Darn that House Rules TV show for stirring up the desire to ‘zshuzsh’ up my house.  Yes, I know that isn’t a word, hence why I can’t spell it, but technically, if it’s not a word, I can’t misspell it anyway…  BAM !!

It sounds so weird to even say, but I have so grabbed onto what the designers would always go on about on the show… mixing up patterns, colours and textures.  I’m suddenly into the idea of a gorgeous throw rug on my lounge…. that of course no-one will be able to use in case they mess it up.

Plus I have my guest bathroom downstairs that basically hasn’t been touched since we built the house.  I hung a fancy mirror in there that I bought years back, but it seriously doesn’t go well in there at all, so I really need to ‘do’ that bathroom.  Ka-ching is all my husband hears …. ha ha.  Actually, he is surprisingly into the idea of ‘zshuzshing’ up the house too.

I’ll try and keep you updated with pics.  In the meantime…  Nighty night peeps !! Here’s praying for a great nights sleep for Master 10, and the rest of the house.

Blessings xox