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It’s a gorgeous winter morning here in Brisbane, Australia.  20 degrees at the moment and heading towards 24 degrees.  Not bad for a July day.  We’re sitting here in the sun-bathed school room and everything seems dandy.  That is until I decide to have a quick squiz at FB while the kids are heads down in Maths, and see the latest article relating to Planned Parenthood.


Now, I realise that, along with me,  there are millions of people around the world who are disgusted by the recent videos and evidence that have become public in regards to the practises of Planned Parenthood.  The total disrespect and disregard for human life is beyond comprehension.

I have always been Pro-life and have never wavered on that stance, even to the point where I have issue with the practice of those who who use IVF and then simply ‘throw away’ or ‘defrost’ their babies.  The standpoint that they are not sustainable life until placed inside their mother is no argument at all as far as I’m concerned, as it’s like saying that a pre-term baby should be seen the same way.  They can’t survive outside of their mother without medical intervention either… does that make their lives of any less value?  Of course not.  To be clear, it’s the practice itself that I have issue with, not the people themselves as I can’t speak for them at all.

I will put a big fat ‘disclaimer’ on here and make it VERY clear that I conceived my 3 children naturally and never experienced any infertility issues in any way, shape or form, so I cannot ever say that I’ve stood in their shoes, but I think a view on life is a view on life, no matter the situation.   I know all sorts of logical argument can be used for these situations, but I think that if you put yourself in that baby’s booties, the answer is clear.. they were created, given life, so their life should continue.. to whatever length of time that GOD planned it to be…  and I really struggle to believe that God planned for all of these babies to not live beyond these small amounts of time.

But, getting back to Planned Parenthood, or any abortion facility for that matter.  It’s not so much that I wonder how these people working in these facilities can do these types of things on a daily bases.  Have a read of this open letter by Abby Johnson from ‘And then there was none’,  to Dr. Nucatola, one of the PP clinic employees. It really highlights what it’s like for these people in these positions…. and unlike the very unkind letters/blogs/posts that have been directed at the PP employees in past weeks, Abby’s letter was written with love and un outstretched hand toward this woman.

Dear Dr. Nucatola,

I watched the video put out with your face on it. I heard you talking about harvesting fetal body parts. I saw you sip your wine while talking about how to remove an intact fetus.

I want you to know that I’m not disgusted by you. I’m not disgusted, because I used to be just like you. You see, my former Planned Parenthood clinic used to harvest fetal body parts. I used to sift through their bodies and prepare them for transport to the research lab we were contracted with.

The other day, I learned a new thing that I hate because of my work at the clinic. Dry ice. We used to participate in studies where we would have to collect fetal body parts and ship them to research labs…all for stem cell research. We kept their little bodies cold and preserved by using dry ice. My daughter was really excited to put water on it so she could see the smoke. I stood there and couldn’t get the memories of those little bodies out of my mind. My kids were squealing with excitement and I felt like I couldn’t move. I had to make a decision in that moment. I could either let my past consume me, or I could repurpose that memory and use it for good. And that’s what I chose to do. I sat down next to the block of ice and watched my kids run around in the smoke.

But that dry ice did cause me to recall that particular part of my work. All of the blood, body parts and extra tissue would be collected into a glass jar. That glass jar would come to me in the POC (products of conception) lab through a “pass through specimen cabinet.” I would take the jar to our sink, dump everything into a huge strainer, rinse out the jar and then rinse the blood out of the strainer. After I had a clean body, I would dump it into the glass baking dish that was sitting on top of an x-ray light box. I would put a little bit of water in the glass dish so that the body parts would float…that made it easier for me to manipulate them.

During the season of tissue harvesting, an intact body was gold. An intact fetal body is considered perfection in the land of fetal tissue research. But dismembered body parts were okay, too…and that is usually what we gave them. I would check the patient’s chart to make sure that they had signed the consent for us to donate their baby’s remains. Almost every woman did, because we made it seem like that by donating, they were helping others…altruism during abortion. If she had consented, then I would gather the parts wanted (usually all of them) and place them in a particular container given to us by the research company. At the end of the day, I would pack all of the containers neatly in the box with dry ice and ship them off.

That was my life, and I did it for eight years. The images of tiny bodies will always be burned in my memory. And in a strange way, I am thankful for that memory as it reminds me what I’m fighting for.

As I watched you on the video, I could almost see myself. After a grueling abortion day, we would all go out for margaritas and Mexican food. We would talk about the day and specific abortion cases. It wasn’t gross to us. We honestly didn’t think anything about it. We would plainly talk about harvesting fetal parts as if we were talking about harvesting a field of corn. That was our normal…and we were proud to live in it. I get the humor. I get how something grotesque to others can seem ordinary.

I understand the world you live in. I understand the blindness. I don’t think you are an evil person. I wasn’t an evil person. But just like I was, you are gravely misguided. I want you to know that I care about you. I have seen the things being said about you. I have seen the hate and vile comments about you. Seeing those things being said about you is honestly heartbreaking for me. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now. I understand how hurtful people can be. I still receive comments like that sometimes.

But I am not one of those people. And no one involved in our organization, And Then There Were None, sees you as an evil person. We care about you. We want you to find peace. We want you to find true happiness. We know that won’t happen as long as you are involved in Planned Parenthood. We believe that your life matters. We believe that your life holds infinite value and worth. You matter to us. As hard as I fight to save unborn babies, I fight just as hard to save people like you from the grips of the abortion industry.

You can leave. We can help you. We are a safe place for you to turn. Call me today at 888-570-5501 or email me directly at

You can change your life.

How amazing is it that there are people like Abby out there to fight for the unborn, but also to fight for those misguided people working within these clinics.  For those of you who don’t know about Abby, she left the abortion industry after randomly being asked to assist with an ultrasound guided abortion at the PP clinic that she had Directed for 8yrs.   Here is a small excerpt from the first chapter of her book Unplanned, published in 2011.

Looking back now on that late September day of 2009,  (when that abortion occurred.)  I realize how wise God is for not revealing our future to us. Had I known then the firestorm I was about to endure, I might not have had the courage to move forward. As it was, since I didn’t know, I wasn’t yet looking for courage. I was, however, looking to understand how I found myself in this place — living a lie, spreading a lie, and hurting the very women I so wanted to help.

And I desperately needed to know what to do next.

Abby doesn’t just work for the unborn but, probably even more so, for the abortion workers… those just like she was..  misguided.  Pro-lifers have been fighting for the lives of the unborn for many years, but who has been fighting for the souls of those working in these clinics?  What this woman is enduring in order to fight for these souls is extremely commendable.  She receives extremely nasty emails & letters on a daily basis, so the fact that she continues on this path is a testament to how committed she is to the path God has set before her.  If only more had such determination and follow the path He has set before us.


Getting back to the PP issue under the spotlight at present though.  After reading Abby’s except, I can see where those PP workers may be coming from, but I really don’t get the people in power who are the ones deciding to fund these clinics, who are making the decisions that ultimately end lives.  How are they sitting there thinking it’s ok ?  How do they justify it?  How do they not see it as what it is… Murder ?  I would say it comes down this…

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 2 Cor 4:4.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally get that the abortion issue itself comes out of pure selfishness.  This issue hasn’t come about on it’s own.. it stems from the breakdown of the family, the disrespect of others, societies teachings that we deserve all, no matter who we hurt to achieve it… etc etc etc.

Once again, I know that it’s simply some of the things that need to occur in order for all that is in His word to come about, and that every day brings us one day closer to the return of our Saviour, but this knowledge doesn’t take away the frustration and torment in having to witness these things, to live amongst it etc.  We still need to stand strong on HIS teachings, even when it goes against what nearly everyone else is doing.  Just because the world appears to have ‘gone to hell in a handbasket’ doesn’t mean we just throw out hands up in the air and live with it.  We still need to be constantly seeking The Lord for what OUR mission is in this lifetime.  Abby has found hers (for this season at least) and we need to be confident that we are constantly in tune and in step with our Heavenly Father so we can be confident that we’re doing all we need to be doing in HIS Kingdom.

People do like to find a lot of grey in these issues, when I’m fairly confident that there is none.  I certainly don’t believe that when God asks us about a particular task he had planned for us to carry out.. a task that we DIDN’T do…  and when we give our ‘reasonings’ or ‘excuses’ for why we didn’t do, He thinks about it and then says “OK, that makes sense.. you’re all good on that one.”  Um… I don’t think so.

The most obvious one for me personally is my kids…  If they don’t turn out well, it’s on ME…..  no-one else.  I can’t blame the influences in their lives, their friends, their youth pastor, their decisions… or anything else.  They were entrusted to me in order that I would do the BEST job in raising them.  Raising a future wife and 2 future Husbands, as well as all the other roles they will undertake in their lifetime.  Like I’ve said before… pressure much !!!!!

Ok Peeps.. much to ponder.

Lots of Love & Blessings. xox

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