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December 2015

What colour is your lifejacket?

Quite often, the Holy Spirit will prompt me on a future blog entry.  This happened to me on the very first day of our cruise, so I did what I always do in these situations, got out my phone and... Continue Reading →

Cruising to New Zealand Day 11 -15

At 0906 Sea Princess entered Dusky Sound the first of the Fiord transits of the day.  Sea Princess exited Dusky Sound at 1023 and proceeded around the coast towards Thompsons Sound entering at 1150.  After winding through the narrow Fiord... Continue Reading →

Cruising to New Zealand – Days 9 & 10

Sea Princess log Saturday 12th December 2015. In the early hours Sea Princess made her approaches to Akaroa Heads.  From there Sea Princess proceeded toward her anchor position in Akaroa Bay.  When in position Sea Princess let go her Port... Continue Reading →

Cruising to New Zealand – days 6 – 8

Reading directly from the ships log, this is how Day 6 began... At 0638 the local pilot embarked the Sea Princess to assist the Bridge team with our approach into Tauranga.  At 0720 all pre arrivals checks were completed and... Continue Reading →

Cruising to New Zealand – day 1-5

Once again, quite a while between blogs... sorry about that peeps, but in my defence, things have been busy, plus as you can from the title, I've been OS (literally.. LOL). So, to begin covering this particular event, I'll start... Continue Reading →

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