So, how is Bible College going for me?  On the whole, I LOVE it !!  It’s just like the thrill of the Bible Studies I’ve been doing for the last few years, but times a million-ga-zillion.   I know I’ve said before that what I love most about bible study is that you delve in through the layers of the scripture.  You go in past the words and discover their meaning, historical content, as well as other fascinating info that can easily be missed when simply reading a scripture at face value.

I’m currently about two thirds of the way through my lectures in ‘Lessons from Biblical leaders’.  We are looking at Nehemiah and it still amazes me how much you can gleam from a text when you stop and do a word study on it. Not to mention reminding yourself of the historical content as well as taking into consideration the emotions attached to each person in the situation.  Nehemiah

I particularly loved looking at Nehemiah 3:23 and the reference to ‘made their repairs outside their house’.  I would easily have just skimmed over that in the past and maybe thought “Oh how nice for them…  no commute.”  (LOL), but when you factor in the emotion involved in working with a trowel in one hand and a sword in another.. knowing that they were under almost constant attack.  It shows great leadership on Nehemiah’s part to place his team where their heart is.  If an attack occured, it makes sense that the greatest concern was going to be for their own family back at home.  If their family was right there behind them then they were going to fight their hardest AT THAT POINT!!   This has a double benefit as each person was sure to put their absolute BEST efforts into their part of the wall, as that part of the wall protected their own family !!  I just LOVE it !!

That is just one of the many, many gems I’ve uncovered since beginning my 2016 study journey.  If I wasn’t already super expectant for the year ahead, I certainly am now.. plus some !!

I will be totally honest though and share with you all that it is NOT easy studying full-time while homeschooling 3 children.  While they are on totally independent learning programs, they still have the odd question, and when there’s 3 of them, the ‘odd question’ usually occurs a few times each morning and arv session.  I defs will be working within a study plan that includes night time lectures (after the kids are in bed).  Afternoon’s when the kids are finished their schoolwork can work too, but it certainly does make for a long day.  I’m sure I’ll the right groove for me before too long.

The enemy does certainly like to make himself known though even more so of late.  He really doesn’t like me being in The Word more than I was already.  Also, lots of conversations come up with the kids that speak to living with a Biblical view and not a worldview.  Lots of things going on here at home, as well as nationally and internationally give cause for conversations with the kiddos.  Here in Australia at the moment, there is lots of social media traffic in regards to the ‘Safe Schools’ program being introduced in Victoria.  All I can say is, I’m extremely glad I took my kids out to Homeschool them when I did.  Christian schools may be able to keep it at bay just a little longer than the government schools, but it won’t be for long.

I am constantly reminded that it’s not just my children that I need to be aware of with things that are going on with schools etc, but my grandkids, great grandkids etc etc. (However, I’m really hoping Jesus returns before then.)  Miss 14 is pretty adamant that she wants to Homeschool her kids in the future, but of course it’ll really come down to who God has put aside for my boys as to whether they’ll go down that path.  I wonder if it’s ok for me to ask for her to have a heart for homeschooling when I’m praying for my sons future wives.. ha ha.  In all seriousness though, all I need to do is make sure my children  not just know The Lord, but have a personal relationship with Him, discover their giftings and seek the guidance of The Holy Spirit.. and they’ll be fine.  Oh, and always remind them of the strength that is within them to put on that armour & hold up that shield !!


The title says Jesus is my study buddy, which is so true (online bible study does kinda encourage that situation, which no actual classmates around you. ), but as there are people at my church doing two of the Bible college subjects, I look forward to having some chats with them too.

What I’ve learnt/been reminded of today – BIBLE STUDY ROCKS !!  There is so much growth to be had when studying The Word. Also, studying it just the once in no way gives you everything you need to learn from it.  Studying a book, a biblical figure, a character trait, a life issue within the word, can you teach you new things every time you look at it.

Scripture I have been soaking in today –“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).
Blessings Peeps xox