This past Friday saw me finishing up week 5 of my Bible College studies.  Although I’ll be honest and let you know that I’m a little behind because of two things..  One being that I actually didn’t get my courses ‘opened’ until the end of week 2, and Two, I’m still finding my rhythm in order to best fit in with the kids HS timetable etc.  I managed to get 4 lectures in over the weekend though so that’s encouraging !!

Open Book

While not surprised, I’m constantly blown away by all I’m learning through the lectures etc.  We are currently looking at Biblical leaders and have so far covered Nehemiah, Saul, David, Solomon, Rehoboam & Adonijah.  We have one more of the leaders to look at before we cover Jesus…. I’m really looking forward to that one.

The subject is covering ‘first things’ that each leader did, and also how they fared on the ‘start, run, finish’ scale.  We looked at all 19 Kings, finishing with our Saviour King, Jesus.  eg.  David started well, lost his way in the ‘run’ stage, and then was repentant and finished well.  Saul started well, didn’t run well and didn’t finish well.  Jehoam crashed out on all 3.  Jesus, of course, had the trifector.  There’s so much can be learnt not just from what a leader did RIGHT, but also from what a leader did WRONG.

It’s fun to find out things that I’d never known before.. Like the fact that Solomon’s brother got cocky and threw himself a self-crowning party as King and ended up with egg on his face when David crowned Solomon as King right in the middle of Adonijah’s party. (awkward much).  It’s always interesting to delve into scripture and find out that there were several ‘layers’ to the Sunday school version of the bible story you’ve known forever and a day.

Also what I found interesting, while not new information, was the concept of ‘looking for donkeys’ as Saul was doing when Samuel found him and anointed him.  Saul was known for ‘being diligent in the little things’.  A great lesson can be learnt from Saul on the importance of doing ‘the menial tasks’ and not only doing them, but growing in The Lord while doing them.  For me personally, my menial tasks are making meals for my family, doing laundry, marking tests etc etc.  It’s not at all hard for me to see how God comes and meets me in those situations every single day in order to teach me new things, and to stretch me.

Another think I love discovering is how so many of the stories that we know of from way back in Sunday school days are actually interlocked.  eg.  When Saul stepped in to rescue the small insignificant town of Jabesh Gilead.  (sidenote – Saul was standing by Isaiah 61 – Free the captives, heal the brokenhearted.) When Saul & Jonathan were beheaded on the battlefield and their bodies displayed in humiliation, it was the men of that small insignificant town of Jabesh Gilead who fought there way through much in order to rescue their bodies and return them to Jabesh Gilead, where they are buried.   The heart of what appeared to most to be a ‘small insignificant town’ can be changed dramatically when someone shows them that they are of great WORTH !!

And then to further interlock stories, David (2 Sam 9:1) when first in power as King asked if there was any of Saul’s family that he could show God’s kindness too.  (which Jonathan had asked him to do).  Jonathan’s son, who was crippled and expected to be put to death by David, was instead seated at David’s table.  In doing this, he honoured the covenant relationship he had with Jonathan.

When we got to Rehoboam, we learn that his ‘first thing’ wasn’t too fab.  He chose to ignore the advice of the elders, and heed the advice of the younger men who he had grown up with… living in the palace.  They, along with Rehoboam, had no perspective on the situation of the outside world and hence made a decision that lost him 90% of his kingdom and 3 generations of work in one day.  Praise God that Jerhoboam restored that during his reign that followed Rehoboam.

So, to review… here is some of what we can learn from these 4 Kings –

Saul – Resist temptation of Self-justification

David – The power of keeping covenant.

Solomon – The value of right motives

Rehoboam – The need to be a servant leader.

While there is so so much more I could share with you from my last week of study, I’ll sign off for now and get back into it.

What I learnt this week – As I’ve already covered, bible stories are very often interlocked and have many gold nuggets of wisdom hidden within when you investigate this ‘interlocking’.  Also, what was taught through these scriptures all those years ago, is still very very pertinent today.

Scripture I have soaked in this past week – Well, there has been so many, but if I were to pick one, it would be 1 Kings 1:6 His father had never at any time displeased him by asking “Why have you done thus and so?  (Seems like a pretty normal verse right, but there’s a pound of parenting advice in there when you delve in… on what NOT to do.)

Blessings peeps !!