Sorry for the delay with my fitness blog for last week, but I haven’t been very well, so I’ve had to prioritise my Bible College study over blog entries.

As the title says, I’ve really found my ‘unwell state’ to be quite a rude interuption to my fitness plan.  While I was still able to do my PT sesh last Monday (& not die), I was only able to do one of the two sessions I should  between PT each week.  Thankfully I was able to still do my half hour walk each evening, so I don’t feel like a complete failure, but still….  it is annoying to have not put everything into the week that I wanted to.

I think I actually had a mild tummy bug… mild in the way that I didn’t puke or anything…  but I had the rest of the normal symptoms… terrible nausea, headaches, exhaustion etc.  It was pretty weird actually seeing as I KNOW I didn’t eat anything to warrant this tummy bug.  However, I do know from eating well in the past that my body does LOVE eating clean… to the point where if I have a ‘treat’, it doesn’t like it at all.  I pay for it bigtime!!

All I had was a skinny caramel mocha while out with some girlfriends !!  Must be a whole pile of nasty sugar in that one cup coz, man, I felt like poop after having it… and for the next 4 days.  (Seriously, it wasn’t worth it!!)  It can get a little sad really when you feel you can’t have the odd treat.. but I have found a treat drink that I can have and my body doesn’t hate me after…  A mango smoothie on Soy milk.  I just need to find a hot drink I can enjoy, seeng we’re going to be heading into cooler weather soon.  (YAY for that)

I’ve never been diagnosed with a milk intolerance, but I certainly think I do have one to a degree.  I’m fine to have milk on my weet-bix in the morning, but anything after that and my body lets me know all about it.  I’ve found that if I have soy/almond/rice milk, be it in a drink or in cooking etc, my body is ok with that.

I used my Nutri-infusion again on the weekend… I gotta admit I’ve been a little slack on the smoothie front..  The smoothie I made, while very refreshing on what was a 34 degree day on Saturday, was a little bland.  I realised why when I looked at what I’d put in it…  Watermelon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, chia seeds & coconut milk yoghurt.  A lot of water based, not a lot of sugar ingredients make for a refreshing but low-in-taste smoothie.   I bought the (ridiculously expensive) coconut milk yoghurt thinking it was such a great healthy option, but man it is sooooooo bland.  I seriously had to put some sugar in it to make it edible.

However, I did use it (coz seriously, who’s gonna waste a tub of $10 yoghurt) in a stir-fry, and it was DEVINE !!!!  Like not just a little nice, but DEVINELY DEVINE !!!  (Yes, I know devinely is not a proper word.)

I do think that I’m noticing positive changes in my body, which of course is a great thing !!  Slow and steady, but all improvement is good !!  I’m also quite ‘enjoying’ perfecting push-ups and other exercises.  In lots of ways, I hate doing them, but at the same time it’s such a feeling of accomplishment to do them (even if I still suck at them and am officially the most un-coordinated person ever.)  I do love the overall look of toned muscels… especially upper arms…  I really want to reach my goals this way, as apposed to just dropping the excess.  I was ‘skinny fat’ for years and it’s just not cool… so this is where the rubber hits the road.  Positive changes peeps !!


My lovely PT Mel is coming again this arv, so I’m hoping I’ve regained enough strength after the bug to power on through another session… and then power on into the week.  It’s only 5 sleeps until I board the Pacific Dawn with 11 of my galpals to enjoy 3 relaxing nights away.  I’m not feeling particularly worried about ‘eating bad’ whilst onboard as I didn’t find myself prone to that when cruising to NZ in December.  Of course, you enjoy the food, but it’s all so so yummy that you just chose to enjoy the healthier selections rather than the unhealthy.   Also, I’ll stick to my tried and tested plan from December….. always take the stairs !!

Be blessed, get fit & respect the temple peeps !!  xox

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,  1 Cor 6:19