Lovely Shiloh

Have thine own way Lord


March 2016

Guard your heart. .. and your face

I had my first boxing PT sesh yesturday and it was THEBOMB.COM !! Such a fun way to workout.Β  If you really look closely you can tell I'm laughing in the above pic. .. it was way fun to power... Continue Reading →


Developing a hatred for sin

Deep title right ? Β Well, it's certainly a deep issue and one that was, amongst other things, looked at in one of my BC lectures today. Β I'm currently working my way through the subject, 'Jesus' Leadership Style' and when looking... Continue Reading →

40th b’day celebration # 1 * CRUISE *

Hi there blog loving peeps !! Yes, it's been a while between blogs but life has been cray cray busy. Β This past weekend was a much anticipated event... cruising for 3 nights on Pacific Dawn with 11 of my girlfriends... Continue Reading →

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