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August 2016

Jesus… our constant encourager

Evening all… Well, it’s Sunday night and I’m only a good sleep away from a new week of work, study.. and all the other things that go with the ‘Mum life’.  

As you can see by the below photo, I was able to pull myself out from under the lazy sunday haze, and head out to the shed for a solid workout tonight.   ūü§ó

As always, I feel super encouraged after having done my session.   I’ve given my body the respect it is due, while also continuing to thank my Lord for His ultimate sacrifice.   Whenever I want to quit, I remind myself that Jesus had nails put thru his wrists & ankles, hung on that cross, suffered a torturous death…. all so that I would have LIFE.. and have it in abundance. (John 10:10b).  The very least I can do is respect the earthly tent he gave me. 

I’ve shared with you all before how I can often struggle with the ‘mind game ‘ of fitness and healthy living.   I can be nowhere near ‘falling off the wagon ‘ but can end up feeling that way due to a comment or situation that has happened.  Now, this weekends occurance shows that it’s not only a negative or nasty comment that the enemy can use as a way to pull you down.  I had a friend over who is on a fitness journey, just like me.  Now all she did was explain her methods, fitness & food choices etc.. and I came away feeling that I was ‘doing it wrong ‘ (which illogically takes me down the train of thought that I’m ‘failing’).

This didn’t bring me low for long at all, Praise God.  It did however remind me that I need to hold my shield up high at all times.   Something so innocent… not ever a comment about me personally.. or my choices.. had me doubting myself.   

I need to constantly remind myself Who I am.. and whos I am !! I do this in the day to day.. but I need to apply this to my fitness journey also.   I’ve said it before… Jesus is my workout buddy… and it’s so true..  He gets me through EVERY workout, soothes every pain… gives me the confidence to lift that extra weight.. and never leaves my side !! 

So that means I actually talk thru every part of the journey with him.  What I’ll eat (or not), how hard I’ll push myself.. etc etc.   I don’t need to doubt my methods and choices.. even when they’re different to someone else’s.. because I made those choices with my Lord !! 

This level of confidence in my journey is beyond awesome !!!!! It makes it very easy to stay on track.. even with the odd temporary ‘down’ period.  

Ok peeps…. enjoy your week & remember that our journeys are all different.  We won’t travel the same path to reach our destination.  ūüėé

Much love & encouragement !! xx

PS.  In my pic tonight I’m wearing my new fav workout singlet.   My super awesome sister brought this home from Hawaii for me yest (That’s why I’m doing the shakaūüėÖ).  As my Mum pointed out today … the words don’t only speak to my fitness journey.. but also to my spiritual journey.  This is so so true…. and I’m constantly under construction in His will !!! LOVE IT !!! 

Chicken & sweet potatoes.. my fave !!

Yes, I gotta say…. the fact that my family doesn’t complain about how much chicken & sweet potato are plated up for them each fortnight can only be a testament to my skills when it comes to variety !! (Yay Me !!)

Tonight I once again had a hankering for chicken, but my actual craving was not too healthy, so I had to come up with another plan. ¬†As I’m sure you’re curious what my craving was…. ¬†it was chicken & mushroom Calzone. ¬†As the bread option is not super fab to have, especially in the evening.. I thankfully managed to put my craving aside. ¬†Good thing really, as I’m pretty sure tonight’s meal was one of my finest… and I totally just made it up as I went along (as I often do). ¬†In the interest of utter honesty, I was also feeling extremely LAZY tonight.. I wanted a delicious meal, requiring very LITTLE effort to prepare. ¬†Check out the method… WAY EASY !!

As I have no idea what is a suitable name for my creation tonight, let’s just call it Fi’s chicken surprise !!¬†


Now, some things I want to make clear here….

  1.  this is my HUSBANDS serving size, mine was like maybe the same sweet potato fries, but about a third of the chicken.  I gotta tell you though, it was sooooo hard to not go back for seconds of the chicken.
  2. Yes, aren’t you all impressed how much effort I put into making my photo like super professional. ¬†ha ha.
  3. Yes, I use a LOT of Turmeric in my cooking, hence the now empty bottle.. whoops. ¬†(not to self… add Turmeric to shopping list). ¬†PS… ¬†Turmeric is WAY GOOD FOR YOU !!

So.. how do you make this masterpiece I hear you say….


  • 1kg Skinless chicken breast, cut up into small slices
  • 150g fresh spinach
  • 120g cut up mushrooms
  • small red onion finely sliced
  • Parsley, Basil & Tumeric (vary to taste)
  • 4 generous dollops of cottage cheese


  • Preheat oven to 180¬įC
  • Place all ingredients into oven-safe pan, or foil tray.
  • Using a wooden spoon, stir up all ingredients.
  • Cover with foil and place in pre-heated oven for 1hr.

Once you have your chicken dish in the oven, start preparing your sweet potato fries.


  • 2 medium to large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into fries
  • Cinnamon
  • butter (not Margarine peeps.. that stuff is GROSS)


  • Microwave for 16mins with a dob of butter ¬†& some cinnamon sprinkled on top.
  • Once par-cooked in microwave, place on an oven tray and in the oven with your chicken dish. ¬†Leave to cook/crisp for the remainder of the chicken cooking time.
  • Serve up & ENJOY !!!

This meal was so so easy to make.. and the whole family was impressed.  DH even went back for seconds.

Enjoy & be blessed peeps !!  xox

We’re ALL made in HIS image !!¬†

So, I’m blogging from bed tonight. . this is new for me. What’s been on my mind today? ¬†The journey of struggle to always, 100% of the time, think the absolute best of others… no matter what they’ve done or said to you. ¬†

It can be a challenge. .. but after growing through some friends & family struggles in the last few years, ¬†I’m well able to see the fruitful results of thinking the best of others during & after conflict. ¬†To clarify.. ..I’m referring to the results within me. ¬† When logic tells you this, ¬†that or the other, ¬†but you’re able to see past that and see the likeness of the image of God in all, you know He has done a great work within your heart. ¬† It’s also been really interesting to notice the reactions of others to my approach when it comes to how I think of others I’ve been thru conflict with. ¬† There’s been no resolution. .. and yet I am able to believe the best of them. … even when it defies logic. ¬† I, like many of us, kind of have two different types of friends/family. .. those walking with The Lord.. and those that aren’t. ¬† Prodominently, my friends & family who are walking with Him know that I am making the BEST choices, even when it may not seem the logical choice (the decision you’d make in the flesh). ¬†The flipside of the coin is a large perecent of my unbelieving friends/family think I’m a nutcase when I refuse to think badly of others.

I listen to myself at times and know that it seems crazy.. illogical. . and maybe a tad niave to look past nastiness to the God given gifts & talents that I know are beneath any words said out of hurt, pain, confusion. …. or outright miscommunication, but when you’re witnessed years of a beautiful, kind heart… when you have those memories. .. it’s easy to cling to those, ¬†rather than the negative.

Now.. ¬†is it like a switch where you conplete your growth journey and you never struggle to always see the best? ¬†Um, NO !! I so wish it was. .. but sadly, there’s an enemy that loves to pull us down at every opportunity. ¬†We can know that we need to hold our shield high.. but sometimes LIFE gets hectic, stressful… or generally just full-on… It’s at those times that we may get a little distracted and have an arrow make contact. ¬†Solution – Sword of the Spirit. ¬†KNOW IT… MEMORIZE IT… SPEAK IT OUT !! & do that even when you don’t feel like doing it. ¬†Actually. . do it ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like doing it.

Seems simple right. .. well it looks like it on paper.. but it does take strength, ¬†perserverence, patience, persistence, determination . .. and lots of other strong qualities. ¬†Good thing for us God gave us all those things… we just have to use them. ¬† They’re kinda like muscels at times (yes, I did need to bring a fitness element into this. ¬†Ha ha). .. if you use them a lot, they work well… get a little slothful, and it’ll be a tad more difficult for you.

Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
Maybe the conflict I’ve experienced will never be repaired… who knows. . But I know it can only be beneficial to my heart for me¬†to have this mindset.

Philippians 4 : 8 – Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

You know what else is imperative. .. seeking & then listening to Godly counsel. ¬†It takes humility, ¬†but it’s something I’ve grown to know is extremely important. ¬† Because guess what, ¬†we can’t always trust our own emotions. ¬† Another interest thing. .. God doesn’t just use our believing friends to impart wisdom to us. ¬† I’ve recieved fresh insight and wise cousel on many occasions from my unsaved friends & family.

Proverbs 1 : 7 РThe fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Well, It’s now morning. . And no, ¬†I didn’t blog all night. … but I do like to write and then sit on something thru the night. . Just in case I’ve used my own fleshy thoughts and logic and not discerned correctly what it is The Lord has for me to publish.

Enjoy this new day peeps !! Seek His counsel in all things. .. and see others as He sees them. .. in every situation. ¬†At work today, ¬†with your family, ¬†at school, ¬†out socializing… whatever it might be, look for the best in all !! It might not always be easy, ¬†but man, ¬†you’ll feel better in yourself then giving into what our emotions sometimes say we have ‘the right’ to feel. ¬† We all know what’s best. . It’s the enemy that comes in and feeds us the Genesis 3 : 1 line. . “Did He really say…” As it says, he’s crafty. ¬†He often doesn’t outright tell us things, ¬†but makes us question the sound judgement we have within us from The Lord.

Don’t listen to Him !!

Soak in the scriptures. . And use those swords to tell the enemy where to go when you feel yourself thinking badly of others,  or maybe justifying poor decisions.

And as Lisa Bevere says in ‘Girls with Sword’… STRIKE TRUE !!

Blessings peeps !!

It’s HEALTHY recipe share time

Today it occurred to me that I really should be sharing my recipes as part of my fitness & healthy living journey. ¬†I originally found it difficult to break away from my ‘tried & true recipes’ and change over to 99% healthy eating, but now that I’m in the swing of things, it seems totally natural to cook this way. ¬†:0) ¬†It can be super easy for you to switch over too.

My ‘tried & true recipes’ involved eating a pasta meal of some sort at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. ¬†Lasagna, pasta bake, spag bol, Tuna bake etc etc. ¬†There was also a couple of serves of white potato mash consumed each week. ¬†My first step was to cut out the pasta and switch over to Sweet potato. ¬†The pasta cut out was pretty easy as I just serve my own portion size up prior to adding noodles, pasta etc. ¬†I also switched over to cooking with only extra virgin coconut oil… so yummy .. and so good for you.¬†Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats. Saturated fats not only increase the¬†healthy cholesterol in your body, but also help to convert the ‚Äúbad‚ÄĚ cholesterol into good cholesterols. By Increasing the saturated fats in the body, it helps promote heart health, and lower the risk of heart disease. ¬†I’ve had to ‘trial run’ a few different organic brands as my children aren’t crazy for the actual coconut smell & flavour. ¬†I personally love it, but have had to settle on the brand I now use in order to keep the peace at home.

As I’ve already said, for myself, I have swapped out white potato for sweet potato in EVERY situation where I once used white.. mashed potato, baked potato, potato chips, potato bake, use in casseroles etc. ¬†My family still like the white potato a lot so in most situations (except the mashed variety), it’s easy to still give them the white and I just have the sweet. ¬†I have found that the thermomix makes SUPER delicious sweet potato mash. ¬†It’s even a hit with the fam-bam !!

Ok… so the first recipe I’m going to share with you all is my Cashew Satay Chicken & vegetable casserole. ¬†I make this for my family once a fortnight or so, but have used it a couple of times as my ‘go to meal’ when I’m preparing a meal for a needy family etc.

satay chicken


  • 1 kg skinless chicken breast
  • 1 medium onion
  • 5 or 6 garlic cloves
  • 120g fresh spinach
  • dessert spoon coconut oil
  • 2 large carrots
  • 1 large sweet potato
  • can of corn kernels
  • 2 x zuccinis
  • 175g mushrooms
  • 3 stalks celery
  • 175g broccoli
  • 175g Cauliflower
  • 2 x large dessert spoon of organic cashew butter
  • 2 x dessert spoon organic natural honey
  • 2 x dessert spoons cottage cheese.


  1. ¬†Dice up chicken & all vegetables into small pieces (onion & garlic very small… I use my tupperware happy chooper.)
  2. Heat coconut oil on medium to high heat in a large dutch oven sized saucepan
  3. Cook onion, garlic & mushrooms until softened and caramelised.
  4. Add all remaining diced vegetables, turn right down to low and cover.
  5. Stir every few minutes.
  6. When your broccoli has turned a lovely bright green, it’s time to add the chicken.
  7. Add your chicken to the pot, stir through and cover.
  8. Stir every few minutes until your chicken is cooked through.
  9. Add your Cashew butter, honey, corn kernels & cottage cheese and stir through.
  10. Add your choice of herbs & spices.  (I suggest Turmeric be one of them as it is loaded with health benefits.) Cover.
  11. This can now be left for 30mins or so to simmer… or up to 2hrs on a very low heat.(the longer it simmers for, the richer the flavours.)
  12. Serve up & ENJOY all that healthy goodness !!


  • Not only different stoves, but also different cookware can vary your cooking times & temperatures. ¬†eg. I cook in a very large flavourstone pan which doesn’t need heat over medium to achieve what would need high heat in your run of the mill saucepan. ¬†I also may use my Chef’s Toolbox pan, which is similar to the flavourstone ¬†when it comes to heat range.
  • All of these vegetable quantities are pretty fluid.. put in as little or as much as you like.
  • This amounts makes 2 decent sized meals for a family of 5.
  • In the interest of complete honesty…. the picture I used is not mine… it’s just that this meal NEVER lasts long enough in my home for me to take a nice picture of it, so I had to improvise and use a google image. ¬†:0)
  • You’ll notice I add my raw chicken to the vegetables without browning it first. ¬†I used to do this in a seperate pan as they say it locks in the flavour. ¬†Well, in a state of rush one evening a few months back, I skipped this step and simply added it to the pan. ¬†There was no noticeable change whatsoever, so I have continued to do it this way.. and the child that is on dishes that night thoroughly thanks me for this. ¬†:0)
  • If you go for the longer simmer time, you will find that your sweet potato has completely cooked down to mash and will have melded with your satay sauce. If you don’t like this … go for the shorter simmer time.
  • I have also added natural greek yoghurt when I’ve had some in the fridge and that was a delicious addition to the meal.
  • I’ve also made this satay with natural organic Almond butter.

You will LOVE this recipe.  It is so so easy to make, it gives you 2 meals, and loads you up with lots of vegetable goodness !!!  The added benefit is that you can either bless another family with the second meal, or pop it in the fridge securely covered to enjoy a ready made meal 2 nights later.  Hands up who loves a ready made meal evening !!!  ME !!

So, what are you waiting for…. get cooking peeps !!!!! ¬†xox ¬†:0)




Ekka adventures 2016

So, yes, more than a week later, I’ve found the time to write ‘the Ekka blog’.

Sunday 7th August began as it continued…. ¬†gorgeous !!! ¬†Beautiful weather…. just right for jeans, but not ridiculously hot. I’ve definitely had those Ekka experiences where you have to dress for Summer through the day, but be prepared for the temps to drop 10 degrees when the sun goes down. ¬†Last year I purchased ugg boots at the Ekka, so my little tootsies were toasty warm during the freezing hours sitting watching the Main Arena entertainment. ¬†This year, however, I couldn’t very well purchase a second pair (the ones I bought still look brand new, with MUCH use in the year that’s passed), and I certainly wasn’t prepared to carry them in my bag all day, no matter how toasty warm my feet would have been in the evening.

So, I settled on my most favourite and trusty brown leather boots. ¬†I’ve had them for, literally, years and years and years. ¬†I replaced them last year, but still can’t seem to part with these ones. ¬†Well, Ekka 2016 turned out to be their last hurrah. ¬†:0( ¬†They lasted the day and evening perfectly, but when I got them home and pulled them off, the sole kind of came off while the shoe stayed on my foot… whoopsie. ¬†Oh well, at least they enjoyed they’re final use. I still can’t bear to throw them out, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

I headed into the Ekka with two of my gorgeous Lioness sisters. ¬†If there’s anyone besides my DH & kids that I most love making memories with, it’s these girls !! ¬†The first pic below is a little blurry (probably because I felt silly taking a selfie in a crowded train), but I simply had to have a photo of heading to the Ekka on a DIESEL TRAIN !!! ¬†So cool !! ¬†It reminded me of the early 90s when I used to work in the city and would quite often travel to & from work on a diesel train. ¬†It’s all fun & interesting in the winter, but travel for long on one of those babies in the middle of summer… no AC, sticky vinyl seats….. it doesn’t seem so lovely & nostalgic then. ¬†Ha Ha !!

After arriving & collecting our map of the showgrounds (the grounds do keep changing as development continues to encroach on the outer edges.), our game-plan was to hit the showbag pavilion, get what we ‘needed’ (Ha Ha) and then stash said necessities in a locker. ¬†With this ticked off our list, and being able to feel like loving and caring mothers for having purchased our children something, we took our first selfie in sideshow alley, if for no other reason than to mark the fact that we weren’t wasting any of our money there. ¬†(sorry ride venders, but maybe if they didn’t cost $10 a pop, we may have thought about it.)

Our first stop was the fresh food pavilion (lunch was a priority :0)). ¬†We found a lovely stall that sold fruit teas that came in mason jars that you could keep. ¬†I thought the stall looked really pretty too. ¬†I was very naughty and succumbed to my Dagwood Dog Craving. ¬†While it was a nice one…not too much batter etc… ¬†I did pay for it in the next couple for days. ¬†I’ve said it before, but my body just seems to really like eating healthy.. and seeing it’s so used to it now, it really likes to tell me about it when I put cr@p in it. ¬†So, lesson learnt (again).

We made some great friends while at the Ekka, including this Koala firefighter which we assumed was a guy, but on closer inspection of the shoes, proved to more likely be a girl koala bear. ¬†Yes, these differentiations are important. ¬†I was super excited to gain access into the cattle pavilion this Ekka visit, as the last two times I’ve been, they haven’t let the public in. ¬†Probably some public health & safely rules or some rubbish. ¬†But seriously, an Ekka visit is not complete without getting cow dung in your shoes. ¬†Check out this cows double (triple, whatever) chins !! ¬†I have always, and believe I will always have, a love of cows. ¬†I have no idea why, but I just love them. There’s a dairy farm an hour or so from our home and I absolutely LOVE visiting. ¬†Not just to stock up on the BEST milk on offer, but to see the cows, enjoy the surrouds etc etc.

We also loved seeing the different dog & cat breeds, as well as horses, cows, sheep etc etc. ¬†Man, there are some WERID dog breeds out there (Poodles… seriously, what the.. to name just one.) ¬†The competition winners in fresh produce and cake making etc is always fascinating and of course didn’t disappoint this year either. ¬†The first place winner in the pumpkin growing competition had grown a pumpkin that was well over a meter in diameter. ¬†Wowzers, that’s a LOT of pumpkin soup right there. ¬†I always wonder whether such a big one still has the yummy flavour of a ‘run of the mill’ size.

Filling the time we had before heading to the Main Arena for the evening, we headed off into another area that had something similar to woodchop, but not quite. ¬†I didn’t get any good pics, but he was basically moulding wood into different shapes etc, making tables, chairs and other different things. ¬†It was actually the closest we got to seeing any woodchop as we didn’t end up seeing any in the main arena at all. ¬†(insert sad face). ¬†We did however, make another friend while in this area. ¬†He wasn’t much into chatting, but he took a good picture. ¬†:0)


Having heard from my DH & kids (who came in a little later than us and spent their time wasting money at sideshow alley), that they had secured some good seats in the main arena, we went in search of them. ¬†It was great to have my family join us as it was the best of both worlds for me… ¬†A kid-free day at the Ekka with my Lioness sisters, but also having my DH & kids around me to enjoy (& see their enjoyment) at the main arena entertainment. ¬†As always, it didn’t disappoint. ¬†The different entertainers were great (well, expect for a very suspect Kylie Minogue tribute ‘singer’). ¬†I just love how much they focus on the Queensland roots and country history. ¬†Ekka is often labeled as ‘Where the country meets the city’ and that really does sum it up. ¬†I think that’s why it’s so loved to… it’s almost like stepping into another world, and in some ways, another time.

We did look a little tired by this stage, but hey, we had walked a LOT that day. ¬†We actually ended up walking quite a bit more just to get to where DH had parked. ¬†(Closest secure parking to the Ekka… I don’t think so… well, maybe it was, but I don’t think they should use the word ‘close’ at all. )

As usual with blogging about a day like this, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface with what we experienced that day, but I guess it gives you a little glimpse into the fun & enjoyment that is The Royal Queensland Show, aka Ekka, aka RNA (The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of QLD.)(No wonder they shorten it.).

Fun fact for you… ¬†The Ekka has been running since 1886. ¬†Pretty cool me thinks.

OK… Blessings Peeps ¬†xox


Playing the head-game… & winning !!

So, it’s well & truly time for a fitness blog update !!

I am in week 6 of the 6wk Winter challenge with my lovely PT, Mel. ¬†I am, overall, very happy with the challenge as I have noticed positive changes in my body shape and muscle mass, as well as great improvements in how clothes fit and feel. ¬†I asked DH to assess the improvement in my thighs and he dared to use the term ‘Thunder thighs’.. Um, no honey…. just NO !!! ¬†I know he did mean it in a very positive way, so it’s all good, but still…. ¬†careful with word choices peeps. ¬†ha ha.

As the title suggests, the fitness and healthy living business is, and will continue to be, a head-game. ¬†I got on the scales earlier this week and put myself in a frump for the rest of the morning as I wasn’t as happy with the result as I could have been. ¬†I need to learn to STOP OBSESSING ABOUT THE NUMBER. ¬†It really means nothing anyway, but it still continues to plague me, so onto the prayer list it goes for help in this area.

In order to achieve the results I’m after, we changed my PT sessions from one strength and one boxing sesh, to two strength training sessions per week. ¬†I’ve really noticed the difference in toning, so this is a great thing. ¬†I’ve also got a PT sesh in the bank from being unwell last week, so I’m really looking forward to having a 3PT session week next week.

One of the reasons my thighs are coming along well will be because I do do a fair amount of wall sits & squats. ¬†& trust me, the enjoyment shown in this pic is a put on….. it’s so not fun. ¬† I’m also starting to see real definition in my upper arms, which was one of my main goals from the get-go, so I’m pretty happy with that. ¬†I must say, while I’ve improved in my ability to do push-ups (quantity wise), I can’t say I’m anywhere near perfecting technique. ¬†This is a little disappointing, but hey, I’ve got heaps of time to work on them if I want to keep and improve on the toning I already have achieved.


I have been doing a food diary during the 6wk challenge also and it’s proven very helpful this week as my PT was able to point out that I had a few too many treats last week. ¬†You really don’t see them adding up over the week.. and I was simply filling it all out and then handing it to her…not actually looking back on it myself. ¬†When I got the txt message that listed all the things I had in the week, it was like… ¬†“OK then… that was way naughty.”. ¬†I’ll defs be keeping up the food diary habit and looking over it as I go thru the week, so as to keep on top of what I have and haven’t had. ¬†That way, I can make good decisions as to whether I can have that treat or not. ¬†We did go to the EKKA on Sunday (blog post coming), which was part of my naughtiness when it comes to treats, but there were a bit too much treat eating in the week leading up to it too. ¬†Lesson learnt !!! ¬†:0)

I’ve been reading up a lot about Metabolism too in the last few days. It’s a fascinating subject to say the least. ¬†Simply knowing that it’s not just about food and exercise, but also sleep, that plays into your successful and on-going fitness journey. ¬†I keep getting pulled back to the benefits of green tea….. if only I didn’t hate drinking it quite so much. ¬†I really need to shake up my breakfast more….. in two ways… The first is to have it earlier….. to kick start the day well.. and also to have more variation. ¬†Well, actually it would be an improvement for me to have ANY variation. I just love me weetbix & yoghurt so much that I find it hard to change it up. ¬†I defs thinks it’s a habit thing too (& some laziness at actually getting out a pan and cooking something. ha ha). ¬†I really struggle with the idea of eating eggs in the morning. ¬†However, avocado & feta smash on pumpkin seed bread… I could defs do that some mornings. ¬†Now… to just do it !!

The head-game silliness can hit you at any time really, so the great breakfast choices are so important. ¬†That way, when you get those negative thoughts, telling you that you’re not doing a good job, that you’re not getting results… can be kicked to the kerb easily. ¬†I find that really works for me. ¬†If I can look back on my day and see that my food intake, water consumption and exercise have been on pointe, then I can tell the enemy where to go with his insinuations. ¬† (& have a little happy dance on his face when I tell him he’s UNDER MY FEET!!)

I also discovered Revelation Wellness¬†with Alisa Keaton on both Facebook and iTunes this week. ¬†What a fantastic resource. ¬†I can’t wait to listen to more of their podcasts. ¬†Having Jesus in the workout/fitness journey equation is something I’ve always done, so it’s great to find a trainer/group that fully embraces that concept. ¬†I’ve had some particularly amazeballs times with The Lord during my workouts on my own this week.

OK… ¬†Great to catch up. ¬†Keep on eye out in your inbox for a blog notification about my day at the EKKA very soon.. but first…. it’s WORKOUT TIME !!! ¬†WOOT WOOT !!!

Blessings  xox



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