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August 2016

Jesus… our constant encourager

Evening all... Well, it's Sunday night and I'm only a good sleep away from a new week of work, study.. and all the other things that go with the 'Mum life'.   As you can see by the below photo,... Continue Reading →

Chicken & sweet potatoes.. my fave !!

Yes, I gotta say.... the fact that my family doesn't complain about how much chicken & sweet potato are plated up for them each fortnight can only be a testament to my skills when it comes to variety !! (Yay... Continue Reading →

We’re ALL made in HIS image !! 

So, I'm blogging from bed tonight. . this is new for me. What's been on my mind today?  The journey of struggle to always, 100% of the time, think the absolute best of others... no matter what they've done or... Continue Reading →

It’s HEALTHY recipe share time

Today it occurred to me that I really should be sharing my recipes as part of my fitness & healthy living journey.  I originally found it difficult to break away from my 'tried & true recipes' and change over to... Continue Reading →

Ekka adventures 2016

So, yes, more than a week later, I've found the time to write 'the Ekka blog'. Sunday 7th August began as it continued....  gorgeous !!!  Beautiful weather.... just right for jeans, but not ridiculously hot. I've definitely had those Ekka... Continue Reading →

Playing the head-game… & winning !!

So, it's well & truly time for a fitness blog update !! I am in week 6 of the 6wk Winter challenge with my lovely PT, Mel.  I am, overall, very happy with the challenge as I have noticed positive... Continue Reading →

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