So, yes, more than a week later, I’ve found the time to write ‘the Ekka blog’.

Sunday 7th August began as it continued….  gorgeous !!!  Beautiful weather…. just right for jeans, but not ridiculously hot. I’ve definitely had those Ekka experiences where you have to dress for Summer through the day, but be prepared for the temps to drop 10 degrees when the sun goes down.  Last year I purchased ugg boots at the Ekka, so my little tootsies were toasty warm during the freezing hours sitting watching the Main Arena entertainment.  This year, however, I couldn’t very well purchase a second pair (the ones I bought still look brand new, with MUCH use in the year that’s passed), and I certainly wasn’t prepared to carry them in my bag all day, no matter how toasty warm my feet would have been in the evening.

So, I settled on my most favourite and trusty brown leather boots.  I’ve had them for, literally, years and years and years.  I replaced them last year, but still can’t seem to part with these ones.  Well, Ekka 2016 turned out to be their last hurrah.  :0(  They lasted the day and evening perfectly, but when I got them home and pulled them off, the sole kind of came off while the shoe stayed on my foot… whoopsie.  Oh well, at least they enjoyed they’re final use. I still can’t bear to throw them out, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

I headed into the Ekka with two of my gorgeous Lioness sisters.  If there’s anyone besides my DH & kids that I most love making memories with, it’s these girls !!  The first pic below is a little blurry (probably because I felt silly taking a selfie in a crowded train), but I simply had to have a photo of heading to the Ekka on a DIESEL TRAIN !!!  So cool !!  It reminded me of the early 90s when I used to work in the city and would quite often travel to & from work on a diesel train.  It’s all fun & interesting in the winter, but travel for long on one of those babies in the middle of summer… no AC, sticky vinyl seats….. it doesn’t seem so lovely & nostalgic then.  Ha Ha !!

After arriving & collecting our map of the showgrounds (the grounds do keep changing as development continues to encroach on the outer edges.), our game-plan was to hit the showbag pavilion, get what we ‘needed’ (Ha Ha) and then stash said necessities in a locker.  With this ticked off our list, and being able to feel like loving and caring mothers for having purchased our children something, we took our first selfie in sideshow alley, if for no other reason than to mark the fact that we weren’t wasting any of our money there.  (sorry ride venders, but maybe if they didn’t cost $10 a pop, we may have thought about it.)

Our first stop was the fresh food pavilion (lunch was a priority :0)).  We found a lovely stall that sold fruit teas that came in mason jars that you could keep.  I thought the stall looked really pretty too.  I was very naughty and succumbed to my Dagwood Dog Craving.  While it was a nice one…not too much batter etc…  I did pay for it in the next couple for days.  I’ve said it before, but my body just seems to really like eating healthy.. and seeing it’s so used to it now, it really likes to tell me about it when I put cr@p in it.  So, lesson learnt (again).

We made some great friends while at the Ekka, including this Koala firefighter which we assumed was a guy, but on closer inspection of the shoes, proved to more likely be a girl koala bear.  Yes, these differentiations are important.  I was super excited to gain access into the cattle pavilion this Ekka visit, as the last two times I’ve been, they haven’t let the public in.  Probably some public health & safely rules or some rubbish.  But seriously, an Ekka visit is not complete without getting cow dung in your shoes.  Check out this cows double (triple, whatever) chins !!  I have always, and believe I will always have, a love of cows.  I have no idea why, but I just love them. There’s a dairy farm an hour or so from our home and I absolutely LOVE visiting.  Not just to stock up on the BEST milk on offer, but to see the cows, enjoy the surrouds etc etc.

We also loved seeing the different dog & cat breeds, as well as horses, cows, sheep etc etc.  Man, there are some WERID dog breeds out there (Poodles… seriously, what the.. to name just one.)  The competition winners in fresh produce and cake making etc is always fascinating and of course didn’t disappoint this year either.  The first place winner in the pumpkin growing competition had grown a pumpkin that was well over a meter in diameter.  Wowzers, that’s a LOT of pumpkin soup right there.  I always wonder whether such a big one still has the yummy flavour of a ‘run of the mill’ size.

Filling the time we had before heading to the Main Arena for the evening, we headed off into another area that had something similar to woodchop, but not quite.  I didn’t get any good pics, but he was basically moulding wood into different shapes etc, making tables, chairs and other different things.  It was actually the closest we got to seeing any woodchop as we didn’t end up seeing any in the main arena at all.  (insert sad face).  We did however, make another friend while in this area.  He wasn’t much into chatting, but he took a good picture.  :0)


Having heard from my DH & kids (who came in a little later than us and spent their time wasting money at sideshow alley), that they had secured some good seats in the main arena, we went in search of them.  It was great to have my family join us as it was the best of both worlds for me…  A kid-free day at the Ekka with my Lioness sisters, but also having my DH & kids around me to enjoy (& see their enjoyment) at the main arena entertainment.  As always, it didn’t disappoint.  The different entertainers were great (well, expect for a very suspect Kylie Minogue tribute ‘singer’).  I just love how much they focus on the Queensland roots and country history.  Ekka is often labeled as ‘Where the country meets the city’ and that really does sum it up.  I think that’s why it’s so loved to… it’s almost like stepping into another world, and in some ways, another time.

We did look a little tired by this stage, but hey, we had walked a LOT that day.  We actually ended up walking quite a bit more just to get to where DH had parked.  (Closest secure parking to the Ekka… I don’t think so… well, maybe it was, but I don’t think they should use the word ‘close’ at all. )

As usual with blogging about a day like this, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface with what we experienced that day, but I guess it gives you a little glimpse into the fun & enjoyment that is The Royal Queensland Show, aka Ekka, aka RNA (The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of QLD.)(No wonder they shorten it.).

Fun fact for you…  The Ekka has been running since 1886.  Pretty cool me thinks.

OK… Blessings Peeps  xox