So avid readers… today I’m reviewing my first ‘float’ experience.  A lot of people refer to float tanks, but this was a little different in that it was a couples float I had with my DH, so it was a bigger setting within a room, rather than an actual float tank… which is like a large capsule type setup.

Check these different types out… the shell is definitely cool, but the capsules would be a little constricting for my liking.. but I guess each to his own.   That third one though…  looks a bit too much like a morgue to me.  ewwwww.

We headed off this morning across to Citycave, Paddington (there’s also one at James Street in the valley, for those Brisbane-ites).

I mean seriously, as soon as you walk in the doors, you feel relaxed.  The setting is tranquil, chic, modern and welcoming.  The ‘sign in’ process was quick and effortless, and the staff were really pleasant to deal with. Check out the artwork in the foyer.. LOVE IT !! How it continue off the canvas.. I so love that !! Anyway.. back to floating..

I had watched a few YouTube clips and also spoken to my niece, who did a couples float with her DH a few week back, so I had some idea of what to expect.  DH, however, had no idea at all and I think he thought I was leading him to either a torture chamber, or the most boring 60mins of his entire life.

My niece had told me to wear bikinis for the float, so I took those, but when the girl took us in and explained everything, she said you strip down to nuthin’, so we were like “When in Rome…”.  LOL.   There’s a shower in there for before & after your float.  The door locks from the inside, so as long as there aren’t any cameras in there, we’re all good privacy wise.  :0)

After inserting our fancy (she ways with sarcasm) earplugs, a super quick shower to seal them in there (which didn’t work, but hey, that’s probably my fault.), into the tub we got.

The tub is approx 2.2 x 1.5m with a depth of 400mm.  When you first get in, it’s easy to think that you won’t float at all as it just feels (& looks) like normal water, but as soon as you lay back, you can feel the ‘denseness’ of the water.  With 400kgs of salt within 1000ltrs of water, it’s not surprising though.  Citycave provides these great rubber ‘pillows’ (the round blue thing to the right in the picture of the tub.) .

There is an infrared panel above the water which is set to body temp, as is the water. The idea of this is to remove, or minimise, all sense of physical feeling.  The controls for lights in the room are on the inside, and at the head end of the tub, making it super easy to send yourself into pitch blackness once ready.  Relaxing music is played throughout your experience, which is optional.

Through sensory deprivation and the healing properties of epsom salts, floatation therapy is thought to aid in neurological, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, muscular skeletal, hormonal balance as well as personal growth and healing. The epsom salt is a muscle relaxer as well as an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps your body detoxify.

In regards to the relaxing element, I’m going to be completely open and say I think I’m not the best example as 1. I was paying attention to every detail, feeling, thought, reaction etc etc with this blog post in mind… and 2.  in general, I don’t struggle to relax in the first place.  I did still find the whole experience extremely relaxing and I know for a fact that my DH did too, and he isn’t the best at relaxing. (he rarely stops long enough to relax, but  when he does, he can fall asleep faster than you can say “night night”.)

As for the pitch blackness, I LOVED IT !!!  Like seriously, I love being in the dark.  I’ve never actually thought to ask another person who was born blind to confirm, but I’ve always put it down to my dark start in life (& up until 18mths of age) as I’m honestly more comfortable in pitch black than I am in light.

In relation to the ‘minimising physical feeling’ element, & in my true researching fashion, I tested the theory.  It was actually quite difficult to tell where the water stoped and the air began.. If you were to lift you hand out of the water etc.  I have to say, they have these two temperatures, both water and room heating, matched to perfection.

Two things that I did notice, which are probably related come to think of it, are this…  Within about 10mins, I felt quite heavy in the body…in a good way that is.  I can’t explain it very well, but I noticed that when I tried to move my arms, it was a little difficult.  Also, when I tried to put my feet down onto the bottom of the tub, it was a mini thigh workout to do so.  (so I did it a few times so I could tell myself I worked out while relaxing.  lol)

Another thing that was recommended in one of the YouTube videos was to have your hands raised above your head, or with a hand at either side of your head.  It was explained that this opens up your body, whereas having them down by your side closes up your chest area.  I tested this out a few times over the course of the 60mins, and it really is true.  However, having said that, DH had his hands down by his sides the entire time, barely moving an inch, and was completely relaxed for the duration of the float, so it’s fair to say it’s not a set rule.

As for smell, I must say that the room had a pleasant smell to it.  I said to DH afterwards that I thought it smelt like a bakery… quite yeasty, if I was to be specific.  When I spoke to the owner later though, he said it’s the eucalyptus cleaning products they use that leaves the pleasant smell.  I wouldn’t have thought it was eucaluptus-y, but oh well, I’ll see what I think next time.

Once the 60mins was up, we used the products provided to shower, dry off and get dressed before heading over to the bathrooms where they provide moisturiser, body lotion, deodorant etc etc.  I was really impressed with how they provided all of these things, as you really wouldn’t think to bring them along, and if you had to , it would be a pain.

One thing I’ll remember for next time though is to have a COLD shower after the float.  With the room so perfectly heated to body temp, once you’ve stood under a hot shower and washed your hair etc, you’re quite warm.  Opening the door after getting dressed and feeling that cool air rush in was the !!

I am really looking forward to my 2nd float as I really spent far too much effort ‘thinking’ about what was going on.  Also, as much as I love my DH, and certainly don’t regret doing a couples float, I think I would love to experience a single float next time.  I seemed to like moving around every now and then, whereas DH stayed perfectly still.  I don’t think it bothered him, but possibly it could annoy others?  Seeing as you have earplugs in, you can’t communicate with each other anyway, so there’s really no huge benefit to doing it together.   However, perhaps it’s more economical.   It was a nice thing to do together this time anyway.  :0)

Another reason I’m really looking forward to float #2 is that from the YouTube videos I’d seen, the float sessions can be a fantastic time to spend with God.  Of course I talked with Him a bit (coz I’m basically always talking on the open line), but as I’ve already said, I was ‘thinking’ too much about what was going on.  #bringonnextfloat


On leaving, the staff were once again really friendly to deal with, making it even more appealing to return.  I would highly recommend a float to anyone who loves to ‘switch off’.  For those in & around Brisbane,  go try Citycave at Paddington, or the Valley.   I may try the Valley next time as it’s only a 12min walk from the train station, which would be super handy.

Blessings Peeps !!!  xox