Hi All,

If I have any other parents of ADHD brains out there, you’ll agree with me that it is a rollercoaster of a parenting ride.   I thought you might like an update on Master 12 and see how he’s going (and how we, his family, are going.)

I recently discovered Jessica McCabe and her website ‘How to ADHD’ when she did a fantastic Ted talk on being an ADHD brain.  Here’s the link 

I had been searching for something suitable to show the older two neurotypical sibs so they can have a better understanding of how an ADHD brain works.  Let’s just say they haven’t got a huge amount of empathy during an ADHD meltdown (let’s be real, sometimes I don’t either.)

Jessica’s site is a virtual treasure trove of goodness on almost every topic relating to ADHD.  Some things aren’t relevant to us as yet, as she’s an adult with ADHD, but there is still a lot of fantastic info within the site.  Her Patreon support allows her to now research and Vlog on issues to do with ADHD as a full-time career.

This is particularly heartening to me, that so much support is out there for this really important topic.  Some of our most influential future leaders have an ADHD brain, so it’s kinda a great idea for us to understand them as best we can in order to facilitate the best education & social environments for them.  This way they can best reach their highest potential.


ADHD brains feel emotions more deeply than we do, so that means when your ADHD child is happy, they’re REALLY happy.. and life is GOOD !!!!!  But the flipside of that is that when they’re unhappy, hurt or angry….  it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG !!  🤣

& attitute… don’t get me started, that can be amped up to the max too.



After having Master 12s medication adjusted in September, we turned a dramatic corner.. who woulda thought I needed to get back to the Pediatrician earlier than planned, based on his weight gain (ADHD parent fail #65 😜).  The improvement was not only crazy evident to Master 12 himself, but (very pleasingly) to us, and his teachers.  I have received 3 really positive emails on his improved concentration, work ethic, manners, and decision making.  (Happy Dance Peeps, Happy Dance 🕺)

Now, my biggest complaint from him is “Why must there be a weekend, why can’t we just go to school every day of the week?” (& we all just heard every teacher groan loudly.)

The only negative, if it technically even is one, is that the increased medication effected his ability to get to sleep at night.  He was easily still awake at 10.30-11pm.  While he was a tad difficult to get out of bed in the morning, it didn’t seem to overly effect him at school etc so I wasn’t quick to address it.  It was when I thought on the fact that he is well overdue a growth spurt, that I considered the possibility that a reduced sleep time could hinder this process.  (& no, I have no scientific info to base this on… it’s just common sense I think.)

So, off I toddled to the docs to get some Melatonin tablets, as suggested by the Pediatrician.  To say the results were pleasing, is an absolute understatement.  Master 12 was asleep before 9pm… that had not happened in MONTHS !!!  I was feeling a bit unsure of giving it to him, as this addition meant he was having medication both morning and night, but after it worked so well for him, I decided it was well worth it.  The following days were even more of a confirmation that it was beneficial, as his already improved concentration and attitude at school grew even more positive.

The fact that Melatonin is something naturally produced by the body was something that made me far more comfortable about it.  Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland , a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles.   Interestingly, very small amounts of it are found in foods such as meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables.  (YAY, more legit reasons to feed him healthy wholefoods🍎🍋🍏🍇🍳🥑)

ADHD is currently THE MOST researched mental condition, so we’re covered as far as being able to know we are dealing with this in the BEST way possible.   Quite often, it’s worth remembering that having ADHD is like switching between 30 different channels, and someone else has the remote.  You sure do deal with a tough situation differently, and far more positively, when you don’t just assume it’s bad behaviour or voluntary bad choices.

ADHD brains have a LOT to offer the world.  They tend to be generous, funny & creative.  They also work BRILLIANTLY in situations that have some urgency, are challenging, or are of real personal interest to the ADHDer.

So I guess what I want you to take away from this is that ADHD is well worth understanding, especially considering that between 5-8% of the global population will be effected by it.

At the Ped’s suggestion, I am going to get Master 12 into a Phycologist who specialises in ADHD, so he can best learn coping mechanisms, therefore handling as many situations well as he can.  I’ll keep you posted on how this goes !!

Meditation is also widely suggested, but of course we translate that to increased prayer time.  I’m constantly encouraging Master 12 to keep an open line going with his Heavenly Father.  We’re also trying to focus more on the positives of ADHD, and only address the negative as it arises.  It’s just too overwhelming for him right now that he will face these struggles for years to come.  I have no doubt that God will strengthen him as he grows & matures.  It’s exciting to think on the opportunities that God has in store for my awesome ADHDer.

Signing off for now

Blessings Peeps !!  xox