Hi All,

I just wanted to share with you this amazeballs (no pun intended) recipe for Nut butter protein balls.  I used Peanut butter yest, but Almond or Cashew butter would be a healthier option.  (I was just too impatient to make it and there was plenty of Peanut butter on hand.)

Nut butter protein balls

‘tools’ required – A big ole bowl, a nutri bullet or something similar, a container for storage & a small bowl for coconut rolling.  (yay for hardly any wash-up)

1 cup Dates blitzed
1tspn ground cinamon
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup wallnuts blitzed
2 scoops protein powder
Vanilla bean extract
2 tbspns flax seed
2 tbspns cacao powder
8 tbspns nut butter (melt in microwave for 45 secs)
Coconut to roll in and/or add in.

Mix (get your hands in there), roll into balls, coat in coconut and place in freezer for approx 2hrs

Then store in fridge..


I can’t even tell you how yummy these are !! I’m having to use much self control to not eat more than one as a snack.  The protein powder is optional (if you do leave it out, up the cacao powder a little) so if you did leave it out, you could easily eat a few in a sitting, but with the protein powder onboard, it’s quite a mini protein hit for you.

Lots of love & healthy eating advice coming your way !

Blessings !!