Woah…  2 blogs in one day…  not bad, not bad at all.  🤣

Sooooo, Wednesday morning dawned gorgeous in Paris.. no surprise there.  This is the view we had out our hotel window…… could you not just lay here all day ???? Um, NO..  we had WAY too much planned for this day !!!


We made our way back onto the Metro, went the right direction this time, heading towards Paris City Vision tour company.  We had our Eiffel Tower tour booked for 11.30, but I didn’t realise that it included a city tour with audio.  The commentators was an either real, or fake, couple who supposedly holidayed in Paris years back, where they met, fell in love, and now live permanently with their 2 children.  It was actually a really great commentary and I’d highly recommend it for anyone going to Paris.

When you arrive at the Eiffel Tower, you’re not in an obvious place to see it, but in a street just off the street that runs up to the tower.  So, you jump out of the bus, walk a tiny way, turn the corner.. and THERE SHE IS !!!  The feeling of being there, with that tower looming before you.. is nothing short of SURREAL !!!

Even standing beneath it is an experience, and you haven’t even climbed it yet.  We made our way up one of the three 2 carriage lifts that travel up the ‘legs’ of the tower.  You are full-on jam packed into those baby’s, but no-one minds, because, HELLO…  you’re going up the Eiffel Tower.  We rode the lift straight up to level 2 and planned to walk back down to level 1 and explore that level a little later.  We had decided against going up to the very top, as it is an additional €18 to go up, and as it was an overcast day, we were advised that is really wasn’t worth the cost.

We literally spent hours just ‘being’ up on both levels.  We could have easily stayed there all day, come back the next day also.. and just ‘been there’ . It’s very hard to explain, but there’s just something about the tower.. you just want to stay there, and return.. many times.

We bought ourselves some lunch at the cafe on level 2 and enjoyed that while sitting and watching the world go by.  We video called home, wishing our family was with us, but this was the next best thing.  After a spot of  shopping for the fam at home, we made our way down the stairs to Level 1.. it’s actually really surprising the distance/amount of stairs just between level 1 & 2.

Level 1 has a fancy shmancy restaurant, where (I imagine) only the wealthy have their wedding reception/functions etc etc.  There was also a red carpet leading to a photo both type spot to take great pics.  There was also glass sections of floor for the game to walk out on.  They weren’t as dramatic as they could have been though as they were very hazy…  not unclean.. but perhaps dirty on the underside, as you could barely see through them.

We very reluctantly headed back to ground level via the lifts.  We were quite keen to explore The Champ de Mars, which is the big grassed area you see from the tower levels.  It’s one of the best spots to get a complete picture of the tower, as anywhere directly around it is far too close and you simply can’t fit it in the frame.

After spending a good hour just ‘taking in the tower’, we jumped back on a hop on hop off bus, feeling a little ok about leaving the tower only because we knew we’d see it again that evening… and this time, lit up and SPARKLING on the hour !!!

Once again, we enjoyed passing most of the very popular sites, as well as just loving the atmosphere of the Paris streets while on the bus.  Sadly, our hope of seeing our luggage when we arrived back at our hotel, was not to be.  While we stressed about how we were going to make 3 day old stinky clothes look good enough for a formal evening at the Moulin Rouge show, we very excitedly got the phone call that IT HAD ARRIVED !!!

Praise the Lord….  we honestly felt like we’d never had so much clothes selection in our entire lives.  🤣

Once we made the difficult decision of what to wear…  it honestly felt like I wanted to wear everything in my suitcase.. lol, we made out way back to and onto the Metro, and back to Paris City vision tours for our Seine River night cruise and Moulin Rouge show tour.  We grabbed some dinner from a nearby supermarket.  We had another, although smaller, narrated tour on the way to the Eiffel Tower, which was great once again.

Arriving at the boat, which is basically right at the foot of the tower, it was hard to explain the feeling of seeing the tower again.  It sounds silly, trust me, I know… but it was like coming back to a favourite place you’ve always known about and returned to often.  Yeah, corny, but that’s what it was like.  While we waited for our boarding time, we fended off the many many dodgy street sellers, but I did succumb to one, as he was selling sparking mini Eiffel Towers and I knew my Miss 17 would LOVE one.  It did mean carrying it around for the rest of the evening, so let’s hope she appreciates it, and holds onto it for the rest of her life.  🤣

The River Seine cruise goes quite a way down the River before turning around and coming back up. Seeing Notre Dame all lit up was amazing, and it was very surprising how far it goes back, as when you see it from the front, and go inside it, it doesn’t seem that big compared to what it actually is.

The Tower sparkles for 5mins on the hour.. and to say it was a highlight, is an understatement.  Apparently the Parisians think it’s the tackiest thing ever… but everyone LOVED it.  Even though it was 5am at home, I did video call my husband, waking him up and sharing in the sparkly moment with him.  He loved it !!!

Earlier that day, we’d found out that while we thought we were going to a 9pm Moulin Rouge show, we were actually booked for the 11pm show… Yes, 11PM.. going through until 1.30am.  While I don’t think we had jetlag at all, we were pretty darn stinkin tired from our day out, so we were very much flagging by the time we got to the show.  It’s quite the experience, one which I think if you have the opportunity to do, you should.  Having said that, I wouldn’t do it again as it is very expensive at over €100.  I really though it would have included food, but it only included 2 drinks.  The show is quite loud, colourful, and engaging… so it was very surprising to be falling asleep during it.  But, that was what we were doing.. so we decided to slip out during the last song and beat the rush of 850 people.

To say we were glad to put our head on the pillow (in our own pjs) that night was an understatement.

Oh well, I still only covered one day.. whoopsie again.

Here’s to ‘tomorrow’… a day of churches, crepes, fast trains.. and so much more.

Blessings peeps !!