Yes, I realise I should be continuing on my travel blogs, but I’ve gotten sidetracked, and really feel lead to do this update.  I’ll get back to them, I promise.

It’s coming up on nearly 12months since I gave my last ADHD update on Master 13 (not too far from 14 now).  In that time, he’s been doing fantastically on the iHerb Melatonin, although we’ve had to go up to a higher dose.  It most definitely does not work as well as the Melatonin you get from the Pharmacy with a prescription, but it does a good enough job to give him the amount of sleep he needs.  Every now and then we’ll have a night of skulking around the house at all hours in desperate hyper-focused search of a screen (which, in fact, is a waste of time as everything is locked with a code), but these nights are extremely few and far between.  PRAISE GOD for drug free products.

I also have been diffusing Balance (a DoTerra blend) in the main family area since the beginning of 2018, and it’s been fan-freakin-tastic to be honest. I don’t know if it simply calms Master ADHD, which in turn makes everyone else calmer, or if it actually helps everyone a little.  Either way, we have not had a meltdown since the Feb 2018 blog, and that is VERY cool !!!!  PRAISE GOD for essential oils !

I had been speaking to my GP about changing our Paediatrician, as I just had a feeling (not having been thru this process before) that perhaps there should be more happening than simply filling out a few forms, being given a script for Melatonin.. and told to come back in 6months.  And then when we did go back at the 6month mark, all that happened was an increase in the dose due to his increase in weight over that time.

Our super lovely GP had mentioned that she normally got a very thorough report from a Paediatrician when a child is diagnosed with ADHD, and this report allows the GPs to confidently give new scripts etc when needed, whether that be for a stimulant drug, or a sleep related drug.  The report she received for our ADHDer though was extremely simple, with little to no info other than that she was happy for the GP to give new scripts when needed.  After several discussions on what Paeds in the area were good etc etc, I asked to have a referral sent to the children’s outpatients at The Prince Charles Hospital.

This isn’t terribly important, but this hospital almost didn’t stand out at all as a children’s hospital a few years ago, but it’s now got a really fantastic children’s emergency department, which we’ve had to use a few times with some broken bones, gastro, serious laceration injuries, and other things… and have been blown away by how good the service was every time.

This opinion of Charlies, as it is affectionately known, has only increased positively since we’ve been attending Children’s outpatients and seeing the Paed there.  I honestly cannot rave enough about the Paed, Psychologist, and OT at Charlies.  The treatment we have received in the last almost 12mths has been outstanding, and simply proves that that simple report from his initial Paed was nothing short of negligent.

Since starting with the Paed at Charlies, Master ADHD has been assessed several times, and in several different ways, by all 3 of the specialist.  He’s had a full work up done, an MRI, an IQ test.. and he’s waiting on an appt for a specific attention deficit test…. to see particularly where he struggles in this area.   (This test will be most helpful for his teachers, for them to understand how he best takes in, and processes, information. )

There was some suspicion initially that perhaps he had been mis-diagnosed with ADHD, and that ASD seemed to be more fitting with his difficulties etc, but that has since been ruled out.  He is most definitely on the spectrum, but not enough to warrant a diagnosis etc.  And the fact that he benefits so much from the stimulant drugs, solidifies his ADHD diagnosis (even if it should have been a lot more thorough.) . Our next step is some social interaction strategy help with a Psychologist, but as the Psychs at Charlies don’t continue with longer term care, we need to source this outside of that system.  I am hoping that he can have had at least one appt before school goes back, as this will help him to start off the school year with greater confidence of avoiding difficult social situations that have arisen in the past.

With it currently being school holidays, we’ve been trying to have as many Ritalin free days as we can, in order to give him a ‘drug break’.  We actually managed to go a solid 2wks straight after school finished, but when I was ready to strangle someone… (don’t worry, it wouldn’t have been any of my children.. ha ha), I realised that we all needed some calm days to ‘re-fuel’ our ADHD tolerance tanks.  So in the last 3wks or so, we’ve been having at least 2 Ritalin free days per week, and this is seems to be working out well.

With the ways in which my ADHDer struggles, we won’t be able to continue this once school goes back, but I’m thinking that Saturdays could possibly be Ritalin free, especially during the soccer season, when he’s really getting that physical exertion he need to burn off that pent up energy.  We’ve found that Sundays are impossible to have as RF days, as he simply cannot sit in the church for the amount of time required, or be a suitable leader in Kidz church when he’s rostered on in there.

Another area that has also improved is his weight gain.  It has been a bit of a struggle in the past, even with boosting his intake in every way I can think of (PRAISE GOD for Sustagen kids essentials !!! )… but at his most recent appt, she was very happy with where his weight was at…. and that’s with him having grown more than 6inches in the back half of 2018 alone.  He’s now 1.5cm taller than me…boo hoo.. that now officially leaves me as the shortest person in the family.  But as I often say, I’m not short, I’m fun size !!!!

Last but not least, his increase in maturity has changed the game too.  He’s far more able to be logical and understand his limitations, and how he needs to handle situations.  He doesn’t always get it right.. hey, none of us do.. but he’s certainly putting in his best effort 99% of the time, and hey, that’s all we can ask for.

OK..  Many blessings to you all