OK.. first, just a quick add on that I didn’t cover in the previous blog (whoopsie)… Even though I did stay home to fully get over my head cold, I only slothed around half the day… well three quarters maybe… and then went with Sandra to pick up Karen from the station, where we then headed off to excitedly go shopping at the NIKE OUTLET STORE !! It was pretty good shopping I must say… my Master 16 was the one who most scored from the haul. Lucky him.

Sandra also took us to some really crazy beautiful areas surrounding Nieuwegein… it is such a gorgeous place !!

Now, onto Thursday… this is a day I’ve been so looking forward to blogging !!!


We made our now usual journey on the tram into Utrecht, and then onto the train at Utrecht central for the approx 30min journey.  The trains are super comfy and basically a really enjoyable experience.  The journey costs just €7.60 each way.

As soon as you arrive at Amsterdam central, you realise it’s a pretty interesting place.  Coming out from central, you have the canal directly in front of you, but when you turn around, you realise how grand central station actually is.  It’s a sight to behold.

My sister and I both video called home from the station forecourt, which was super nice to do…  It was fun every time to be able to include the family back home with what we were doing.  Each time we rang them, when we were about to head into a day of new adventures, the day was ending for them, and they were heading to bed.  They’d basically sleep while we adventured.. and then when we rung them in the evening when we were heading to bed.. they were just getting up… strange.

Anyway.. back to Amsterdam.  We had tickets booked for Anne Frank’s house, but it wasn’t until the early arv, so we decided to head down to the dock of the canal and find a tour boat.  We basically went into the first one we came to, but I honestly think we choose the best one.  It was an open boat, so nothing got in the way of your views in any direction.  We saw the bigger, possibly more professional, tour boats getting around, but while they were open at the top, they had sides and windows… so lots of spots to block your views… as well as sharing the boat with maybe 45 others… as opposed to the 5 other people we had on our little boat.

Our skipper was also really great, seemed very knowledgeable of the entire city, and The Netherlands in general.

The canal cruise went for an hour, and I remember thinking it was really great value for money at €16pp.  I got so many great photos…. it’s really amazingly beautiful…  words don’t really do it justice.  The history of the area alone is fascinating enough, even without the gorgeous sights surrounding you.

Following the cruise, we did a lil street exploring, palace exploring, having a laugh at the ‘coffee shops’ and the very unmistakeable smell of weed coming from them.  😂

Our tour of Anne Frank’s house, while fascinating, was pretty sombre… to be expected guess when you know what went on under that roof.  I know the story so well, yet it was still emotional to actually be there.  You’re unable to take photos when in there, so I have nothing to show you, but you can find a few images on YouTube & google.

We grabbed some lunch from a street vendor, which was really delicious.  I really did find it so cheap to eat out on our travels, so many street vendor options to choose from.

Of course we took a walk through the red light district…  as, you know.. you can’t really go to Amsterdam without doing that.  I have to say, it wasn’t that interesting, but I’ve since read that it’s much more ‘full on’ at night.  I really just found it quite sad… these girls sitting in, well, cages really.  Literally behind bars at times.

I had a particularly amazing chocolate muffin at a cafe in the afternoon…. don’t know what it was about it, but it was honestly the best muffin I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I’m skipping a lot really, but you get the general gist of the day.  On making out way back towards central, sadly my sister stood on a rather large, sharp piece of glass.  It went right through the bottom of her shoe and up into her foot at least a cm and a half.  She pretty much freaked out.. as you would…  blood was pouring out everywhere.. and we were pretty much standing in the middle of a road.  Through this situation though, we really found out how lovely the people, and Policemen, of Amsterdam are.

A first aid kit was brought over, and a lovely policewoman bandaged her foot.  A passerby who happened to be a nurse had a look at it and thought it was probably ok, infection wise, because of the amount of blood that came out… it really got flushed out quite well.  As you can see, my sister was a really good sport about it.. and was smiling pretty quickly after.  Thanking our helpers profusely, we slowly made our way to the station, abandoning any further ideas of more exploring.  By the time we got onto the train, the bandage was soaked thru with blood, so good thing we made it onto the train when we did.

Sandra, ever the beautiful host, picked us up from central, took us home, where we had a delicious diner, and an early night.

Even with this unwelcome end to our Amsterdam adventures, we still thought it was one of the best days of our trip.

OK… see you next blog for another jam packed fun day in the Netherlands !!!!

Blessings peeps.  xox