Dear Miss 18 (wait, what.. when did that happen?)

0044 New Parents April 26

18yrs ago at this very moment, I had been at the hospital for nearly 4hrs…  you were well on your way, but wouldn’t arrive until 6.15 t’row morning.

But I’m getting ahead of myself….  let’s go back to the year earlier… the year 2000.. yes, the one where the internet was supposed to crash causing the world to fall apart.. but it didn’t .  We had been trying for a few months when we took the pregnancy test that told us we were to be parents.  No words in any language could express how excited I was to see that 2nd line, confirming I was pregnant.  I had been praying for a baby for literally YEARS….  not so much wanting it to happen in those years… but for there to be a baby… or a few babies…  in my future.

As you grew inside me and I started to show, and feel you moving about…. the excitement just grew and grew….  You were a textbook perfect pregnancy… and would’ve been a textbook birth, had you not insisted on looking in the direction you were going, rather than having you head tucked down onto your chest, which is the position babies need to be in to best move towards the exit (😂).

After only 2 pushes… one of which I didn’t realise I was doing.. whoopsie… (maybe because I was hiding behind a shower curtain trying to detach myself from the pain that I insisted on having no medical relief from), you arrived, landing in Dad’s arms.  Once again… no words can express those feelings in that moment.  Just trust me that it was the BEST feeling I had ever ever had.  I WAS A MUM !!!  YOU made me a Mum !!


As we settled into becoming parents to this gorgeous baby girl with sooo much dark brown hair, so much joy entered our lives.  You were a perfect sleeper and feeder (unless you were sick), and in general, a very well behaved little girl.  (that kinda went a lil pear shaped in the teenage years.. but hey, I forgive you for that.)

There are so many things I could talk about over your 18 years…  how you had the cutest piggy-tails known to man when you were little, how you have had an adventurous (daredevil) spirit from very early on… hello, the ride at Dreamworld when you were 5 that made your 14yr old cousin puke while you were all smiles and full of “Can I go again?”, your sometimes crazy ‘out there’ fashion sense… which sadly I have to accept responsibility for, as I was the same at your age….  yes, I had yellow suspenders and wore them proudly.

I could remind you what a stunningly beautiful dancer you were (and how sad I was when you gave it up after only 3yrs.) or what an amazing artist you proved to be from very early on. Of course, you would like your AMAZING peripheral vision pointed out.. so here’s that.😂 I could talk about your amazing ability to fall off things…. but if I started to list them, the blog would be too long.  ha ha.

You have had struggles, as we all do, over your school years, but have come through them as a strong, loving and sensitive young woman.    Your dedication to your studies has brought you to the place you are now, in your first year of a nursing degree.  We could not be prouder of you, & you are going to be a wonderful nurse !!  Possibly a bossy one… but a really GOOD one nonetheless !!  🤗

This Jesus loving Mumma loves that you also love Jesus !!!  I pray that you will continue to grow in love with Him, and discover all that He has in store for you !! So much amazing plans are ahead of you, and I hope I will always have a front row seat to watch them all play out in your life.


I know everything won’t always be fun & laughter, (as life often isn’t), but please know that there will NEVER be a moment that I’m not here for you…  (even though I am guilty of putting my phone on silent, and not seeing your message to come deal with a cockroach in your room.. whoopsie. )

Seriously though, you ARE my absolute FAVOURITE daughter, and always will be

These words, from the Abba Song ‘Waiting for you’ sung over you while in my belly, really sum up how I feel about you, then, and now.  And yes, I do consider your love of all Abba songs a really big parental accomplishment on my part.. you’re welcome !!

You thrill me, you delight me 
You please me, you excite me 
You’re something I’d been pleading for 
I love you, I adore you 
I lay my life before you 
I’ll have you want me more and more 
And finally it seems my lonely days are through 
I’ve been waiting for you

So much love, always and forever.

Love Mum xox