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ADHD Brain

ADHD update.. again

Yes, I realise I should be continuing on my travel blogs, but I've gotten sidetracked, and really feel lead to do this update.  I'll get back to them, I promise. It's coming up on nearly 12months since I gave my... Continue Reading →

Update on the Update

So, let's just clock this up as a major ADHD Mum FAIL !  Why on earth I though I could make a week with Master 12 having no Melatonin is beyond me. We've had soft lighting & music, warm cups... Continue Reading →

💙 ADHD update 💙

Evening blog readers. I'm trusting you're all doing fantastically this fine weekend !! Well, it's actually not that fine here in Brisbane, but hey, we're not gonna complain about getting some good rain falling. I thought it was time to... Continue Reading →

Loving my son’s ADHD brain !!

Hi All, If I have any other parents of ADHD brains out there, you'll agree with me that it is a rollercoaster of a parenting ride.   I thought you might like an update on Master 12 and see how he's... Continue Reading →

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