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Beth Moore

Riding the Roller-coaster called LIFE !!

Hiya blog readers !!  It’s after 10 on a Saturday night (of course I’m in & blogging because I’m so NOT a party animal… LOL).    We actually have been at a party tonight but it was a workmate of DH’s & we seriously didn’t know anyone at all so we didn’t stay too long.  I didn’t mind that at all seeing as we had to leave the house at 7.30 this morning to head off on a loooooooong drive to the boys soccer game.  1hr 40mins to the game today… not a bad drive actually so it was enjoyable, but I’ll certainly enjoy the Home game next week.

Life has certainly had it’s ups & downs in the last month or so for us…  there have been some heartbreaking lows… BUT…  amongst all this ‘negative’, God has turned ashes to beauty !!   My DH, who is saved, but has struggled big-time with the whole ‘die to self’ part of the deal, has had more than ample reason to be angry this past month.  (seriously, a saint woulda lost his shiz through this stuff), but he’s been cool as a cucumber… and I know that it’s God’s hand in him.

I had my suspicions of course, but they were confirmed when we were at Alapha last week and one of the questions was “What dramatic change has God brought about in your life since becoming a Christian?”  DH answered “He’s taken my anger away.”  (Of course I did a fist pump on the inside at this time.. lol)

I was thinking about this in the car heading to soccer this morning.  We were listening to ABBA (coz Abba rocks !!) and I can’t remember what song it was, but a tambourine was mentioned.  Straight away…. way too fast for me to have thought it myself, I was reminded of that verse in Exodus where Miriam dances and sings with her tambourine.  (Exodus 15:20).  Hardcore blog followers of mine will remember why this is the verse that was laid on my heart this morning.


For everyone else… here’s the super fast recap…  In 2014 my sister & I went to Colour Conference (the women’s conference at Hillsong church) and Beth Moore was one of the speakers. (LOVE Beth Moore).  She taught from the Exodus passage, bringing it home to us that we need to have our tambourine’s at the ready… anticipating the victory… be ready to grab it at a moments notice (as Miriam did) and get up and rejoice !!  I got onto ebay (trusty ebay) when at the airport waiting to fly home from Colour that year, and purchased a tambourine.  It arrived about a week later and it hangs in a very predominant place in my home…  right in the heart of our home….  handy to pick up at any time.  Even just looking at it hanging there gives me the encouragement I need to get through tough times in a normal day.

I strongly believe that these verses coming to mind during the drive this morning was a subtle reminder to me to remember to not just rejoice for these HUGE steps DH has taken of late, and throughout these struggles, but to also be EXPECTANT for more victory to come.

Exciting right !!!!!

It’s safe to say that I’m really really excited for what’s in store…. and that’s even with the knowledge that, sadly, there will be some really yucky stuff ahead too.  I always know that God totally has us covered in every situation, and I never doubt this…. but things like this morning, getting those ‘moments with The Lord’ and being reminded of His presence, always put an extra spring in our step.. and a wider smile on our face.

Blessings Peeps !!!  xox

Bible College Week 1… DONE !!


Ok, so these four emojis basically cover my week !!  Super excited, so tired I feel I could sleep for a week, realising I’m a natural nerd, and finally… LOVING every second of it !!

& then there needs to be a blessed emoji in order to convey that emotion.  Seriously, how blessed am I to have the opportunity to even do this study !!  Finances weren’t looking like they were going to line up for me to be able to do this year long course, but I simply put it in God’s hands… and doors just opened up left, right & center.  #Godisgood

This might sound a little cliche, but I have a lot to thank #BethMoore for this week.  It was Miss Beth that got me hooked on Bible Study about 4yrs ago now and I didn’t even realise that as I’ve travelled my bible study journey, I’ve excersised crazy good study patterns.  Who woulda thought it.  The only element about it that doesn’t surprise me is that I have always been very good at making lists, making plans, structuring things etc etc, so my study notes were always along that same vein.  English was also my best subject at school (I got that from my Mum, and her Dad, my Grandpa)

When doing my 3 Orientation lectures this week, I was amazed to see that I already did my notes the way they suggested for optimal learning intake.  Woot Woot !!


Another significant element in my reality for 2016 is that I’m still homeschooling 3 kiddos.  So, as a result, sometimes lectures get paused to do a grade 6 spelling test with Master 10.  #homeschoollife #balance .  The orientation lectures would have actually been really beneficial for the kids to listen to, as they had loads of great info in them.  Master 10 probs would have found them a little boring, but the older two, especially Miss 14 would have gained a whole lot from them.  Might section off 3hrs next week in order for her to view them.  :0)

My first offical lecture today was lesson one of ‘Lessons from Biblical Leaders”.  We are looking at Nehemiah.  So much goodness found in only the first chapter… and then there’s 7 more lessons on this book…. can’t wait !!!  The one thing I’ll need to be careful of though is not letting my hunger for learning get carried away, resulting in me rushing.  One of the important learning principles is ‘Space vs. Mass’ – taking small amounts of info in on a consistent basis is best for taking it to your long term memory bank. 

Weather-wise, it’s been a very very strange week here in Brisbane.  Stinking hot (like 38 degrees) and then muggy/rainy weather for a couple of days.  Today is the first ‘ok’ day as far as comfort goes.  All I can say is Praise The Lord for Air Conditioners.  

What I learnt/was reminded of this week – God’s timing is so mind blowing.  I would never have thought that these past 4yrs of bible study was preparing me for Bible College.

What scripture am I soaking in  


Blessings Peeps xox





A debate to drive a Christ follower bonkers.. or is it just me ??

While discussing the current Duggar family situation with a friend last night, some very interesting points came up.

Fall 2014 Header by Rachel 2

My concern over the situation is not at all about Josh’s alleged sin, as that in itself has two elements..  One is that it’s not even our business, and two, if he has gone before The Lord, repented and asked for forgiveness, than his slate is wiped clean.  Seeing as we’re not his judge, than none of us are in a position to make judgemental comments, or assumptions of what he has or hasn’t done in order to heal himself and his victims from this.  As we all know very keenly, while our sins are wiped away, the consequences of them are not.. so I have no doubt that the family is in a world of pain right now and for that reason, I continue to uphold them in prayer.

So, onto the points brought up last night…  While Josh, as a 14yr old boy, was certainly old enough to know right from wrong, he wasn’t old enough (or even in a position to) make the decision as to whether it was best to stay in front of cameras with their family life broadcasted all over America.  So, there is a lot to the thought that a very big responsibility falls on the parents as to whether they made the best decision moving forward after these events.  As with Josh, the same ‘rules’ apply…  we are not their judge, so whatever decision they made is not our business, but the questions is… Is it bringing Glory to God to have this TV show running at all?

That’s a pretty big question right?  It really got me thinking about TV shows, Big-name evangelists etc etc.  There is, or course, the Bates family who are extremely similar to the Duggars, having 19 kids etc.. starting to have their older children marry and have children etc etc.  I LOVE their show as it’s great to see a family, to the best of their ability, upholding Godly standards in every aspect of their lives… but once again, is the show God honouring?  This is actually a question I am asking myself… I in no way have the answers.  They would, as the Duggars would, gain financially by having their lives filmed & aired on TV.  Is this wrong for them to be doing this?  Christians are allowed to make money right? Are there limits?


It’s a tricky one for me as I do love watching them.  It’s pretty easy to look at a show like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and decide straight away that it is in NO WAY God honouring.. quite the opposite in fact… also shows like ‘My 5 wives’, ‘Sex sent me to the ED’ and others basically scream favoured shows of the enemy.. but it is easy to look at a show like ’19 kids & Counting’, or ‘Bringing up Bates’ and think that they are witnessing to so many by being on the TV and reaching so many around America, and in fact the world.

While people like Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Rick Warren, etc etc are extremely easy to listen to, so are therefore huge draw-cards for conferences etc, (I’m guilty of this myself as I do particularly like Beth Moore and went to Colour conference solely because she was going to be speaking there).

The question is, who is the draw-card really at these big events ?  It should be our Heavenly Father, but in reality, is it?  I know this is a very tricky question and I’m sure people would come forward with the argument that these people are very good at articulating God’s word, pulling a particular bible passage apart, or generally keeping a crowd focused… but is it GOD HONOURING ??  Jesus did not have the internet, or Facebook to alert people of his next destination or speaking event.  He was hated more than He was loved, and yet whether you are a believer or not, Jesus is the most famous person in History… (hence why it’s called HIS-STORY)

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think people are gifted speakers and are able to explain a particular part of the bible perhaps better than others, but how careful do we need to be that that person doesn’t become the one glorified?  I’m not wanting to speak negatively of anyone in order to put this topic out there, but I think some speakers certainly show a lot more humility than others.  For example, Frances Chan, Priscilla Shirer & indeed Beth Moore do jump out at me as three that go out of their way at the beginning of each speaking engagement to give all glory to God for the meeting and also stress that it is not them, but God speaking THROUGH them, using them as a vessel, to reach all those under the sound of their voice.  I must say that JM does not show humility at times when often she will pat herself on the back (literally) and openly say she is preaching fantastically that particular time.  Nearly every time she’s right, she IS preaching fantastically …  but she can’t take any credit for that…. it ALL needs to go to God.

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Once again, this is not a judgemental thing, but a way to put this topic forward and see what you all think?  There is of course plenty of logic to the fact that the internet allows so much reach around the world … but logic also tells us that if there were enough ‘Jesus with skin on’ people around the world, covering our own circles of influence, would not the whole world be reached also?

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Psalm 96:3 Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

Excuse me if I’m over-simplifying, but these passages were written a very long time before the internet.  I don’t believe God meant to wait until the age of the internet in order for these verses to become reality.


I personally LOVED going to Colour Conference last year.. great speakers, fantastic worship times.. but if I’m honest, I loved it because it was like going to a concert non-stop for 3days.  While I certainly experienced the presence of God while there, in all honesty, I also experience His presence in a profound way when worshipping in my lounge room.

I’d love your thoughts peeps !!  xox

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